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WhenWeMet Mon 02-Dec-13 14:12:13

Hi guys I've started a thread in child internet safety, please read if your interested. Sexting can and does lead to bullying.
Isn't it sad that bulling has its own special bit on MN? All schools have an anti bullying policy but bullying is rife. About time something was done.
Thanks for reading.

2Retts Tue 03-Dec-13 02:44:40

It's often unappreciated that those establishments with an anti-bullying policy sometimes experience the greater problems with bullying

Anti-Bullying Policy

Apologies for third hand link...but it works.

2Retts Tue 03-Dec-13 02:47:08

For the record, our position is that we have a warped sense of victimisation as a society...we have created victims.

We are producing a counter-action on this in our new series.

WhenWeMet Tue 03-Dec-13 09:44:30

Thanks for the link. I'm always a little put off when studies are carried out in another country, their way of life is often different than ours.
All schools have to have an anti-bullying policy which sets out how the school will deal with bullying, it is my and lots of other peoples experience that the schools don't adhere to this. My dd was being bullied in a classroom in front of the teacher, he told my dd to leave the classroom because he didn't want her problems in his classroom! I'm reading similar stories on here and have spoken to parents who have had problems with teaching staff turning a blind eye to bullying because either they don't have time to get involved, they don't care or just don't know how to deal with it especially when confronting high school aged children.
It would seem that the anti bullying policy in schools are a document they have to have but don't really bother with!

2Retts Wed 04-Dec-13 02:30:59

I totally appreciate your viewpoint, and I totally appreciate your concerns.

The only result I got when my DD was being bullied in primary was reminding them of their 'Duty of Care'...seems to do the trick.

For the record, managed to do this without DD developing a victim mentality...worked wonderfully

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