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Son in year 5 being punched, kicked etc by year 6 daily

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claws1 Thu 28-Nov-13 14:05:03


My Son age 9 (year 5) is continuously being punched, kicked, held by the throat and pushed over by a year 6 child (already 11 years old). They are in the same class as our school has mixed year classes. The bully in year 6 arrived this term and has been expelled from another school. This child is physically attacking a few other children, all of whom are head and shoulders smaller and younger than the bully. The latest incident happened on Tuesday night after a school film night. My son was punched in the eye and had a mark and a witness who was prepared to speak to the headmaster (headmaster saw the mark) and witness explained. Next day it was turned around. The original witness was ignored. The bully said my son had punched him first. Other children in Ds's class clammed up and said they don't want to get involved when the teacher tried to find out from others what happened. School continue to do nothing. The child in question continues to bring chaos to the school and the children around do everything in their power to avoid being targeted by this boy. I am at my wits end on this subject. I am so annoyed with the system and the inability of the teachers to protect my child. What should I do now?? Meant to say my son is in his 6th year at that school and has never got into any trouble, does not bully and gets on with his work.

DonkeysDontRideBicycles Thu 28-Nov-13 16:21:29

Go back again and again to school, don't be afraid of making a nuisance of yourself. Discuss how to prevent your child from being upset by the year 6 child. Talk to the form teacher, ask her/him for a plan of action. Talk to the HT, but if the Head won't act, contact the governors/LEA.

Ask your son how each day goes, keep a diary, state all the facts clearly and factually. Take a photo of any physical marks. Report every incident.

As the other child seems to have been transferred from another school, he sounds like he has 'form'. This is an angle for you to consider, if the HT is slow to respond: obviously your concern is for your own DS, but your complaint could actually enable the school to push for additional help and support for the bully. Thereby eliminating the chaos.

The main thing is your DS will know you are in his corner and are trying to help him.

(Btw you have mentioned your son's name, ask MNHQ report your own thread ask them to amend it).

claws1 Sun 01-Dec-13 16:15:31

Thank-you for your reply. I will action all your points and go from there. Thank-you for pointing out that I had named my son. That was an unintentional on my part.

Farahilda Sun 01-Dec-13 16:38:27

The school will not be able to discuss with you incidents other than those relating to your DC.

So you need to keep a diary of every single event, and report all of them (ideally by email, so there is a paper trail).

Now, if the new comer is that disruptive, the school will already be on to it (even if the detail of interventions is not discussed with parents other than his own). But by keeping a log, you will both be able to kick up a fuss on behalf of your DC when necessary, but also see if there is ever any diminution or increase of incidents.

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