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I thought things had changed since my day...

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worriedabout Wed 06-Nov-13 23:18:51

DS is currently in a situation of being bullied at school. Apparently today said child kept pushed him over and when DS tried to get up he pushed him down again. He then ripped up some art work that DS had been working on. DS was really sad this evening. Just before half term there were two other incidents involving the same child.

I am so angry. I plan to go to school early tomorrow morning and have a word with his form teacher.

I have been reading threads on here and have been so depressed because they are all about how schools are rubbish at dealing with bullying still. If anything it is worse because of the hypocrisy around it.

I am feeling all the rubbish feelings I had as a child when I was bullied and they are 100 times worse. I feel miserable and a bit depressed. DH doesn't understand why I get so upset about it. My school memories sometimes haunt me. School was not a good place for me and I don't want to see DS go through the same shit.

Wishfulmakeupping Thu 07-Nov-13 04:23:34

Your poor Ds how old is he?
There are some bad schools for dealing with bullying but there are also good. I'm hoping your ds school is one of the good ones- go in for talk tomorrow and ask to be updated. Try and keep am open mind for now- fingers crossed its all ok

Chottie Thu 07-Nov-13 04:49:07

Just to wish you well today. I know it is really, really difficult when emotions are involved, but it is important that you state all the facts clearly and factually.

I was bullied at school, so I have huge sympathies. Head up, stay strong and remember you are doing this for DS. << hug emotive >>

Ge0rgina Thu 07-Nov-13 12:10:37

Unfortunately, there are always going to be horrible children. The most important thing is to ensure that the bully is dealt with! And that your child is not affected by this bullying in terms of their confidence

ISAmum1 Thu 07-Nov-13 15:33:24

Look at the American bullystoppers website for information and advice. I found it useful to talk things through with my ds using this site, as it gave him strategies to use.

You have done what I consider to be the most important thing, worriedabout - you have listened to your child and believed him. He now knows you are on his side. My mum didn't listen to me - she brushed me off, minimised what was happening to me, and left me feeling utterly alone, to face the bullies.

Ask to see a copy of the school's anti-bullying policy (this should be freely available to you), and then ask the school for a clear and definit action plan for how they are going to deal with this.

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