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Is this common?

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redqueen45 Thu 03-Oct-13 23:40:40

Wonder if anyone had previous experience of this thing - my dd & another girl (both 8yo) were being bullied in an escalating series of events by 2 older girls. They started hitting the other girl, who was too afraid (?) to tell. This was witnessed by more kids, 1 of which told her mum who then informed the bullied child's mother in some detail what had happened.

Injured child's parents told the school who started investigating, but then when asked by the school the informing mother & her daughter denied any knowledge of what had gone on. HT described their denials as "disappointing", which made me wonder if their story didn't tally with other kids' - but that's just my conjecture, not a certainty.

Anyone else had this back-pedalling from other parents?? & coaching their kids to lie about what they saw? I am just shock

ICameOnTheJitney Tue 12-Nov-13 07:39:12

I haven't but I can certainly imagine it happening in schools in small or close knit communities. Parents have friends...they can call on them in situations like this. Ridiculous.

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