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Bullying in Year 7

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mimsy78 Fri 12-Jul-13 11:01:14

I'm new here on Mumsnet and I have never thought to go online for advice but I really need some help. My daughter, who is 12, is having a horrible time at school. Her best friend dumped her and went off with another girl and they are now making my daughter's life a misery. They are making things up about her and tellling the teacher that she is the one being horrible to them. The girl in question was overheard saying that she would like to poison my daughter's drinking water and has rung round other girls telling them not to be friends with my daughter. I know this girl has a problem with lying as her home life is not very nice but at this point I have no sympathy for her. I emailed the ex best friend's mother to try and come up with a joint solution but so far, no answer. Today is the last day of term and my daughter is going to France on a school arranged holiday. She paid for it herself using some money left to her by my Dad in his will but she is now terrified and doesn't want to go. She has to share a room with this girl and one other as there are only three year 7 girls going on the trip. What can I do? I know my stomach will be in knots for the week that she is away. Any ideas?

CheeryCherry Fri 12-Jul-13 11:14:24

How sad sad
Does she know any of the older girls going on the trip? Or do you? You could maybe contact their parents to say she is going through a hard time and can they keep an eye on her. Older girls are often more than willing to take younger ones under their wing.
Also, ring and speak to the teachers going on the trip, they need to know. They will make sure she is put with suitable groups if you ask them, they won't want an unhappy pupil.. it's supposed to be fun!
Give her thing to take that she can share with others...big bags of snacks for the journey, cards, notepad&pens for silly games. But make sure she can speak to someone if she is unhappy, she needs to know someone will support her.
Best of luck.

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