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Anyone else wishing the end of term was tomorrow?

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OldBeanbagz Mon 17-Jun-13 16:21:18


apatchylass Tue 18-Jun-13 09:24:51

Ah sad It can be so tough.

Can you sort out lots of small treats for after school and maybe set up some socialising with children from other schools who your DC gets on with? Do they go to any clubs with other children?

TBH, if it's really really bad, at this time of year I'd let DC have a few duvet days. At our school the amount of teaching going on dwindles and they spend a lot of time doing sport and having parties and watching DVDs which they can do at home without the bullying!

That's probably a very unethical suggestion, but how much learning can a child do if they are being so badly isolated that you have posted here?

OldBeanbagz Tue 18-Jun-13 12:00:03

Thanks apatchylass, DD had a tough day yesterday due to one complete bitch of a girl. Managed to cheer her up with hot choc & marshmallows.

Today she's on top of the world as she found out that this girl won't be in the same class as her at high school. Feels like a huge weight off her shoulders (and mine too).

I know how much she's been worrying about it so i'm relieved that the new school took mine & her teacher's letters into consideration.

I know a day here and there off school won't matter much at this stage so am quite prepared to keep her off if necessary. It's just a shame that her last few weeks there can't be enjoyable.

apatchylass Tue 18-Jun-13 18:28:31

Don't let that one girl spoil her last days at her old school. Even if the only people she feels happy to be with are some of her teachers, it's still an important time. As long as she's around for all the key events.
This happened to the son of a friend of mine and it meant he really couldn't go out in style. I felt so sorry for him - lovely boy, but so bullied that he was just counting the days.

I hope she makes some brilliant friends at her new school.

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