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Effective consequences for bullies

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Sam100 Tue 11-Jun-13 22:56:00

I would like to know if anyone has any examples of practical solutions that can be suggested to school as a suitable "consequence" for a group of boys who are making playtime a misery for other children. These boys hurt other children but it seems to be not sufficiently regular or systematic to qualify as "bullying" and all too often seems to be put down as high jinks and not maliciously intended. Yet for supposedly isolated incidents these events are happening more and more and they seem to get no consequence other than a talking to and occasionally kept in at break time. This is frustrating for us as parents and I want to be able to go in and suggest alternatives that work elsewhere to break this cycle of behaviour that seems to be developing. How can we keep telling our kids that they should tell when these things happen if there is never any consequence for those doing it?

DrSeuss Wed 12-Jun-13 13:06:52

Time out
Loss of a privilege, eg if Friday often has a video as the last activity, as many do, hey get to sit out.
Sticker charts, either so many problem free playtimes means access to something small but desirable, eg the video, or so many problems means withdrawal of something.
If it continues, you should insist that the child's parents be brought in for a meeting. Try to be firm but calm, difficult as that is. Good luck.

formicadinosaur Mon 24-Jun-13 23:08:17

Maybe a mixture of reward for good play times and parental involvement to highlight the issue. More supervision could help also.

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