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Any advice on what I can do!!!.

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sweetteamum Fri 07-Dec-12 04:29:11

How are you both getting on with your DC?

I have just come across this thread and hadn't realised childline would even be used for these issues. I will get my son to call over the weekend.

proddy Wed 05-Dec-12 17:56:55

OK, first take a very deep breath. Firstly UK Bullying have great guidence and get your child to talk to childline who are brillent. My son has just been through this. write to the school they have a legal duty to follow thier policy on bullying/anti bullying, behaviour and safeguarding, all of which you must read to know what they are capable of doing and should be doing. In your case the school failed to get back. If your child in suffering consider also discussing it with the Doctor (its always good to have a record there). My school lost all the bullying compliants so that Ofsted could not find them!.

You (and your child ) are in control. My child was convinced that his teachers were not doing any thing to help him and not believing him. so childline told him that the parents of the other child are responsible for his behaviour. My son (7) decided that he would write to the little so and so's parents and did so. I put a covering letter over the top, saying that I was sure that they would not expect such a letter, was my son in any way a catalyst etc. It was posted to them (recorded delivery), stating that childline was supporting my child and offering them a meeting to discuss the issues.

This way the reponsible adult has been informed, and they then are notified. Its the start of the evidence trail. you must also start a diary, noting incidents and getting the evidence together.

The school will be annoyed expecially if they do not find evidence of bullying, but you have a right to protect your child and a chain of evidence is useful, incase this continues.

Expect to be ignored by the head, and then if the other childs parents are part of the click group to be talked about behind your back.

I have found strong action, seems to have worked, but we are only two weeks in.

Hope it all works out

Candyfloss7 Wed 05-Dec-12 15:40:46

My 6 year old daughter is being bullied by a boy.
For the last couple of weeks now my 6 year old has been bullied by a boy and the head master is not sorting out the problem.
This boy is waiting outside my daughters classroom at break times and chasing her across the play ground, when he catches her he is putting his hands around her neck and not letting go even though she is asking him to. He is also getting her head into a headlock and not releasing.
I have spoken to the head master who assured me this would be sorted that day and he would go into the playground and get my daughter to identify this person and he would be dealt with.
When I picked her up that afternoon she was very upset and told me he did it again and no the headmaster did not come and see her at break time like he said he would.
Again I went to see the headmaster and class teacher who both assured me and my daughter this would be sorted tomorrow and again they would go outside at break time with my daughter so she could point this person out to them.
The next day I go and pick my daughter up and again she is upset and tells me he did it again and I told a teacher straight away.
So off I go again to the school office and confront the teacher she told about what happened and, the teacher says she did not tell me anything.
I have come to the point now where I have kept my daughter at home for the past 2 days because she does not feel safe going out on to the playground.
I have spoken to ofsted and, the welfare officer just so her attendance is being noted as off because of bullying.
Do I really have to keep my daughter away from her friends and education just because the school won't deal with it.
They have not even gone to the trouble to find out who he is.
Advice please.
Had anybody else gone through similar?. What do I do ?.

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