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anyone reported anonymously to oftsed about a staff bully?

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somewheresunny Sat 13-Oct-12 14:57:45

I read recently that there was to be somewhere that parents or other staff could write anonymously to ofsted, has anyone got any advice or experience of this? The situation is that dd's/ds's primary there is a TA of concern, I know other parents have complained in other years previously about her conduct, and I have spoken to the head myself, but no change there. As far as I can see TA has charge of an sen child, I have witnessed myself the way she pulls said child around, shouts at them and talks about them loudly with put downs to others staff - her manner can be threatening and hostile. I have a list of other situations and reports from others. When ofsted did visit, quite a few parents filled out the forms with their concerns about, but the comments published were all in praise confused. Is this censorship? I dont understand how this TA is in employment? Is it acceptable for someone in their position to shout down children and basically 'shame' them into submission. Why do the staff teachers condone it?

Obv the thing to do is make a written complaint, but I know other parents who have tried this and have said it made their lives far worse, as they got labelled and their kids got the brunt - the head has kept her on (her attitude is apathetic most of the time anyway). The school feels more like a mafia operation than an education. Its basically put up and shut up or else. Thankfully we have to move next year so it will be good riddance, but I worry for other kids in their care and Im shocked at these standards.

quoteunquote Sat 13-Oct-12 20:44:06

I know someone who filmed on their phone from a hand held by their side, and then showed head-stuck-in-the-mud, and said they would send to ofsted,unless she dealt with TA,it seems to be a common problem.

Can't you just send a letter saying you are concerned.

Olympicrock Sat 13-Oct-12 20:45:41

Also write to your chair of governors

somewheresunny Sun 14-Oct-12 19:30:41

Hi thanks quoteunquote and olympicrock -- I have considered putting a hidden camera on one of mine when I know TA will be in their class - but wasnt sure if this was legal. I can also look at writing to chair of governors, maybe I can rally a petition from the other parents who have witnessed her shouting down the kids and snarling at them like a rottweiler. Dd says TA doesn't look like Mrs Trunchball in Matilda, but is twice as scary. I doubt ofsted spot these types as she is probably polishing her halo when being inspected, thats why I though an anon report to them might do something.

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