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Myl 6 yr old being bullied by the new girl in the class.

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trickydickie Mon 10-Sep-12 23:11:14

Looking for advice.

I am in Scotland so schools have been back 3 or 4 weeks now. A new girl called Jane started first day back.

By the end of the second week Dd had been talking about Jane everyday, and seemed very fond of her. I was delighted as she has never really had a friend in her class. Her only friend is in the other class.

On the Friday of the third week back she said she hadn't played with Jane because the day before Jane kept hitting Dd's head of a lampost when they were lining up to go back to class. So much so that dd had to put her hands behind her head but then her hands got sore too sad

Apparently Jane had also been pinching back of Dd's hand most days at end of their lunch when all the staff were away. When dd would tell her it was sore she just kept doing it.

She had also been pulling her plaits so her head was forced back when in line and other children were witness to most of this.

Called the school last Monday and spoke to class teacher who said she would sort. Dd came out of school and said teacher had spoken to both girls seperately and then made Jane apologise to her and made dd promise to tell her if Jane did anything to her again.

I thought rest of the week went ok. Tday she tells me that on Thursday dd dropped her sandwich on a chair and Jane hit it to the ground and kept standing on it, so dd had to pick up dirty sandwich and put it in the bin, dd's hand then got all dirty.

Then today dd dropped her rubber whilst trying to pack up for hometime. Again Jane kept standing on it and wouldn't let dd pick it up. Eventually anther girl came over and held Jane's foot to stop her so as dd could retrieve the rubber. Dd said she then ended up late to join the line and had to run to catch up "and your not allowed to run in school Mum".

The incidents since the teacher talked do not have the violent element to them. I know they are low level but still enough to be humiliating. Should I tell the teacher tomorrow. I also want to ask the teacher not to let them go partners for anything. When I tell dd to tell Jane she doesn't want to be her partner dd says she will get into trouble.

Any advice welcome.

GhouliaYelps Mon 10-Sep-12 23:20:35

Yes I would not describe this as low level at all this is very physical stuff.
Go in tomorrow and you need some proper time with the teacher and ask what the teacher will do to Address this.

steppemum Mon 10-Sep-12 23:22:53

I think I would mention to teacher that it hasn't stopped, but rather has become sneaky, and could she keep talk to them again and keep the girls apart.

I would be very polite and helpful to teacher and at the same time absolutely not let it go. If it continues it will be a very miserable year for your dd.
jane obviously needs some support and help, she is only 6. But not at the expense of your dd

trickydickie Mon 10-Sep-12 23:44:50

Thanks for quick replies. Sometimes you need another perspective.

I am definately not letting it go. I have been doing the role play thing with dd, trying to teach her to say "stop it" etc assertively. Think I will also ask teacher to call me back this time and tell me she has addressed it again and how she intends to keep them apart and any other measures she is using to stop this child bullying mine.

trickydickie Tue 11-Sep-12 18:46:27

Just an update.

Spoke to teacher this morning, very briefly, just told her that rubber and sandwich incident had happened since she spke to Jane.

Teacher seemed absolutely shocked, said the girls are acting like best friends, holding hands etc.

Anyhow, teacher and principal teacher spoke to Jane, Then principal teacher took dd out and made Jane apologise to her. Prinicpal teacher then checked that dd knew who to report things to if happens again.

Dd said that her teacher asked Jane at home time to ask her Mum to come in and see her/or principal teacher, not sure which one.

So at least I know the other parent has now been made aware. Hopefully the Mum will have strong words with her, show her how she should behave etc and my daughter can be left in peace.

Thanks again for the advice.

steppemum Sat 15-Sep-12 23:13:32

hope it all works out op, good that the school took it all seriously

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