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12yo DSS being bullied :-(

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ineedamiracle Wed 01-Aug-12 13:21:57

Apoplexy ????? PEOPLE !!!!! Maybe Apoplexy is Polish for People blush

ineedamiracle Wed 01-Aug-12 13:20:26

My DSS is 12. He is VERY confident in all aspects of his life but has been protected by his family as his Mum died when he was quite young. He's never had to deal with disruptive behaviours from his peers, but today is refusing to go to his sports group (which he has been enjoying in the holidays) because the other kids there were "swearing and calling him Polish." I asked why being called Polish was an insult, and he replied that it was because he has "a mean face". (He has a lovely face and we often remark that we're planning on retiring on that face when he's a famous model!)
He was quite confused about being called Polish as he just accepts people for who that are and doesn't really comment about apoplexy who are different. I wondered if it was because he has a different accent as he grew up down south, but was quite proud that he didn't see being Polish as anything bad. I was with my sister during this conversation - and we jollied him along a bit by telling him the hottest cashier in Tesco's is Polish (sadly, so is his wife) and that we would teach him some proper swear words if he wanted ;-)
So, I am left wondering why calling someone "Polish" has become the latest insult for teenagers? Also, a boy who won't join in with something he was enjoying.

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