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Violent child in class

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debsl75 Wed 26-Sep-12 16:23:26

Bit of a late reply. I have a thread further down the page about similar stuff. My DD is in high school and has been attacked by a girl in her year, a total unprovoacked (spelling) attack. The girl has been excluded from 2 other schools for doing the same. When do we draw the line when it comes to "inclusion". Should children who have problems controlling themselves be given chance after chance to attack innocent children? I don't go with this labeling of children so it makes them look like it's not their fault, if a child needs constant supervision in a mainstream school then should they really be there in the first place? Not trying to be get a rise from anyone, just my feelings, the feelings of a disraught mum who's dd has been a victim of physical assult by a child who shouldn't have been there in the first place.

catycates Sun 02-Sep-12 11:03:33

I am having a similar problem at my DD school (actually have a meeting with the head tomorrow). It's really hard to get help and advice as it isn't classed as bullying. The child in question is already on 1-1 support but this hasn't stopped him from pinning my DD to a wall by her throat (twice in 1 day!!). Like you, I am not filled with confidence at the schools ability to deal with the problem, but other than removing my DD from school I don't really know what I can do. Don't really want to take that action as she's going into yr6 and would probably hate me forever if I did.

cansu Sat 28-Jul-12 19:44:30

I think the only thing you can do is to ensure that the school supervises and helps this child and consequently keeps your child safe. I have a child with ASD and whilst she has the occasional issue the key thing is that she has 1:1 support and that the TA know how to manage situations to prevent issues arising and to ensure that other children are kept safe. I probably would not have posted this in bullying because this doesn't sound as if it is bullying more a case of the school meeting this child's needs and the needs of the other children.

HotheadPaisan Mon 14-May-12 22:48:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NappyValleyer Mon 14-May-12 22:16:13

DS is at state primary school. Child in class has spectrum issues and has recently been excluded for a history of violent behaviour (including to DS) but is returning to school shortly. I hope that the school will manage these issues but I am not filled with confidence as child has been previously asked to leave a previous school and the provision for the child is not yet finalised. Does anyone have any words of reassurance or advice please ? I saw an amazing Louis Theroux documentary ona school in the US for kids with special needs but unfortunately I don't think UK schools have the same resources.

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