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Bully is following DD to new school

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edam Fri 24-Feb-12 12:34:37

I wonder why she's 'not getting on well' - maybe she's tried bullying people there, or maybe it's the biter bit and she's on the receiving end now?

Either way, there's nothing you can do to stop her accepting a place but if she does, I would definitely warn the form teacher and the head of year not only that she has bullied your dd - with specific examples - but also the phone call, complete with foul language. I'd ask them what action they plan to take to separate this girl from your dd and ensure your dd's safety.

sherbetpips Fri 24-Feb-12 12:30:03

At this stage yes, she isn't their yet so there is nothing they can do. The only approach you can take is once you are certain she is coming to explain to the head of year that your daughter has history with this girl and that as a result she may be upset or distracted when she arrives. You cannot expect them to do anything pre-emptive. It is interesting that the girl is having to move as well, maybe she would appreciate a friend at her new school.....

pancakedays Thu 23-Feb-12 20:49:37

DD started high school last year. We moved to a new town (DP work) which is 10 miles from her middle school.
DD was bullied by another girl during year 7. Girl was new to the school and targeted my DD.
Teacher at the old school attempted to deal with it, by talking with the girl and her mother. We should have made a bigger deal of it at the time but knew that we were moving and DD would be getting a fresh start away from this girl.

During the last week of term things escalated. Girl hid DD belongings, PE shorts down the toilet, lunch box emptied, lots of things but nothing physical. All of this was witnessed by other children. Girl was told off, threatened with missing leavers disco, but I feel the school did not deal with it very well as it was the last week and they were all leaving.

At the end of the summer holidays girl's mother phones me. She stated that I was a f**** evil b** for accusing her DD of being a bully and doing all the things stated above. She said it was my DD fault for not sticking up for herself and that we were both pathetic and that she actually enjoyed the fact that her DD had been 'winding us up'. I put the phone down and have not heard anything since.

DD is happy at school. Has made friends and doing well.
She came home today distraught. She had a call from a friend from her old school that this girl will be attending her school soon as she is not 'getting on well' at her new one!

I am so worried that this will all start up again. DP thinks I am over reacting on hearsay, and should wait and see.
Does anyone have any advice. Would I be unreasonable to go and talk to DD school?

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