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DS being bullied and being blamed for it.

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Ferb Thu 16-Feb-12 16:55:52


We live in Spain. My DS is 7 and is at the local school here. He's being bullied by another British kid. This kid is calling him a bitch, telling him he's ugly, kicking him, saying he's stupid and bumping shoulders with him. When he realises he's found out he starts crying and making out it was my son, so he gets the blame. Its been going on for about 2 months and the school are blaming my DS. I've tried talking to the parents but they're so blase about it but its affecting my son hugely (who also has aspergers)

I don't know what to do.

flashsale Thu 16-Feb-12 17:08:06

That's classic bullying: to blame the target. The bully makes himself look good. Have a look at the other threads in this topic ("Bullying") and do an Advanced Search on bullying: there are many old threads on this. Talking to the parents is useless; they are the parents of a bully and probably bullies themselves. It's the school's responsibility to keep your ds safe, but they sound like they can't be bothered.

mrscumberbatch Thu 16-Feb-12 17:14:45

Have you spoken to the school about it?

Ferb Thu 16-Feb-12 17:18:46

Yup! The school blame my son too but some kids told me that it's not my son's fault. I'm furious. Just need to keep a cool head and go in and try again. Here in Spain they tend to leave the kids to sort it out which in instances like this isn't the best option.

mrscumberbatch Thu 16-Feb-12 17:23:44

I had similar when I was a child.

I ended up getting so frustrated that I knocked lumps out of the little bastard offending child and they never came near me again.

I wouldn't recommend that though. I'd maybe speak to the school and say that if your child is the bully they should be watching him closer. That way it might come to light? Surely they can't just ignore it all entirely.

Frustrated on your behalf.

draytonna Fri 05-Oct-12 21:42:07

That happened to my daughter for a yr and she developed depression, anxiety and her grades slipped badly. I found this, they are words to live by.

Bullying is an adult problem
Do not let anyone, (Administrators, teachers, etc), try to put the blame of bullying on your child, a victim of the bully. The blame is always on the bully and the reason for the bullying is that adults allow it to happen. Bullies bully because they can, and because they can get away with it. Adults let bullies get away with bullying and when adults choose to do something to stop the bullying, it will stop.

Tell administrators that you will discuss your child's problems when they have stopped the bullying.

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