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Advice or support websites for bullying?

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mightymouth Wed 14-Mar-12 11:55:02

Hi Lulu
your 11 year old nephew can call Childline 08001111 to talk in confidence
Parents can call Parentline 0808 8002222
lots of helplines and websites are listed on www.bullyinginterventiongroup/bighelp/php

takeonboard Thu 01-Mar-12 13:30:51

Kidscape is a charity solely to help bullied children

workshy Tue 14-Feb-12 21:22:41

can't help but thought I would bump for the evening crowd

lulu476 Tue 14-Feb-12 14:41:10

Hi, I am looking for some advice for my 11 year old nephew who is in his first year at secondary school and is having a really hard time with a group of bullies. Can anyone recommend any helpful websites or places we can go to for further advice? Any suggestions much appreciated

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