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Bullying in Pubic Schools

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lifeheart Wed 03-Jul-13 13:37:10

All schools have their issues. Working part time at Harrow, in pastoral care. I would like to tell you that although every house is different, the pastoral care the Boys receive is the blue print for many other schools.
Not only do the Boys have a Housemaster, assistant house master, matron, tutor and assigned nurse. They have health education tutors, who cover all drugs, alcohol, sex education in the evenings with the Boys and offer a listening ear and complete confidentiality (within child protection laws). Boys have our telephone numbers and emails and we are available 24 hours a day all year round. No other school offers this service. Harrow may not be perfect, but it certainly aims to care for its Boys and each Boy is supported individually dependent on their needs.

Ladyhawkstone Sat 15-Jun-13 23:30:08

We have just been today and Druries House was shocking!
Dirty, unhygenic kitchen, dirty carpets, stairwells, and plastic plants. It was really filthy and the House master was rude, arrogant, thought he hilarious and obviously going through a mid life crisis ending his speech with 'how cool is that( finger snap)' ! The boys spoke of years 1&2 not having a ommon room and earning their priviledges by bring older boys food and their clothes, cleaning the older boys rooms! Otherwise they dont survive there ! I was shocked! I have visited many schools and both of us were public shool educated and we had never heard such outwardly proud bullying admissions ! Druries will be and needs reporting, something is not right in that house! We asked to look at another and we were greeted by calm, pleasant, helpful young men, a helpful and chatty housemaster and lovely happy matron! Druries is a danger to Harrows name !

iamamum Wed 08-Aug-12 23:15:54

Does anyone know what the online test will comprise this September for the pre test 11 years olds entering at 13+ and any ideas what the interview topics could be? No experience of this.

pacificblue Mon 27-Feb-12 10:28:18

My husband went to Harrow School. He had an awful time. After 3 years his parents moved him to another school. His older brother fared much better, I guess he knew how to "play the game".
The abuse my husband had to endure from peers and teachers is heart breaking. I would never send my child there. It makes me angry that all this happened and no one is accountable.

ARK99 Tue 31-Jan-12 20:02:37

Why is everyone being so mean to this person. It sounds as though everybody is jealous of her son's scholarship rather than just discussing the topic in question....

UnimaginitiveDadThemedUsername Fri 27-Jan-12 13:21:09

"Pubic schools".

The gift that keeps on giving :-)

yy MollieO - the Kane Scholarship isn't awarded until about March/April time, once all the other Scholarship exams have been done.

OP - Blunt was there on an Army Bursary actually, which is a very different thing entirely.

MollieO Mon 09-Jan-12 00:09:00

Iirc the OP was looking at the Kane Scholarship that is for boys who live in Harrow (don't know the details). There was a lively debate on an earlier thread about the various merits of Harrow and Eton, which was started by this OP asking for info on Harrow. I'm sure that was just before Christmas.

MollieO Mon 09-Jan-12 00:07:10

OP are you the same person who was posting just before Christmas asking about Harrow scholarships? If so I'm amazed your ds has done his entrance exams and had an interview whilst the school was closed for Christmas.

PermaLice Sun 08-Jan-12 23:58:45

Could you just clarify something? Harrow scholarships aren't usually awarded until about March. For you to have secured one outside this timetable, you must be in quite unusual circumstances, so I can quite see you might not want to post identifiable detail.

But it also means you must have had quite extensive contact with the school - wouldn't the best way forward to be to raise your concerns with the school? After all, you won't be endangering the chance of a place, and you won't be the first parent to raise such concerns.

Rache101 Sun 08-Jan-12 23:37:21

Seeker He has attained the scholarship already. It is I just heard terrible things such as boys commiting Suicide because of being so badly bullied in public schools. Another devastaing thing is that Harrow School's Headboy actually got expelled for taking Cocaine @ school. Also, James Blunt, the singer attained a scholarship to Harrow and was so badly bullied that he almost ran-away! These are the sort of things that are worrying me

seeker Sun 08-Jan-12 18:11:07

Any school which tells you there is no bullying is either lying or deluding itself. Any secondary school which tells you there is not drug use or drinking is also either lying or deluding itself.

You can't be "thinking of sending" your ds to Harrow on a scholarship. You could be thinking of applying- and of applying for a scholarship. Neither are foregone conclusions.

StitchingMoss Sun 08-Jan-12 18:08:04

Hahaha!! Didn't even notice that MrsLovely grin!

MrsLovely - I had noted that too but couldn't be arsed grin

MrsLovely Sun 08-Jan-12 18:06:21

Pubic schools. I know, it's childish, but grin

StitchingMoss Sun 08-Jan-12 18:05:47

I don't know about those specific schools but I would imagine bullying is as common in public schools as it is in state schools. Being the scholarship boy/girl in a school full of rich kids is no fun - believe me, I've done it sad.


Rache101 Sun 08-Jan-12 18:03:35

I have heard that in public schools such as Harrow School; Bulling, abuse and Drugs is epidemic and is extremly wide-spread. How true are these rumours? I am thinking of sending my DS there on a scholarship. How badly could he be bullied because of this?

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