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Bullying book recommendation for 5 year old?

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smudge74 Wed 12-Oct-11 13:10:03

Can anyone recommend a useful book aimed at children (around age 5) on the subject of bullying and how to deal with it?
She is being bullied in a physical way (pinching, snatching etc) rather than for being different.
Thank you!

Usuwi Fri 14-Oct-11 12:47:36

I was just looking myself. This is all I found on Amazon:

First Look at Bullying: Stop Picking on Me (A First Look At) by Pat Thomas

What I need is something to show my dd how to handle her friend who is bullying another child. Any other suggestions?

Usuwi Sat 22-Oct-11 17:30:24

Oh, okay, I got that book. It's not very helpful. It's about "bullies" rather than bullying. I got a different book, aimed at 8-12 year olds, called "Bullies, Big mouths and so-called friends". That's quite useful as a kind of template. It is lots of short little sections which set up real scenarios eg 3 girls on the bus empty another girl's bag on the floor, here's a way to deal with it.

As I can't find anything that covers "she called me poo-poo", "let's pull her hair", or "he made scary faces at me", or - the real nub of the problem "teacher was cross like a bear again" - I'm writing my own.

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