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What can I do?

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LeaveYourDignityAtTheDoor Sun 31-Jul-11 16:35:29

DS1 is being bullied by his 'friends' and I'm stumped as how to stop this.

Full story: DS1 moved to his new school in Nov 10 and settled in (took a while). He made a few friends and seemed quite happy. In April, he started asking to go out to play and, after some conversations with him regarding boundaries and safety, we allowed him out for a couple of hours after school.
All was going well until the first week of the holidays.
One of the little boys had been baiting my DS for a few days (running and hiding from him, throwing things at him, pushing, etc) and on this day he snapped and punched him. We explained to him that he shouldn't hit but understood why (DS has problems controlling his temper at times. Have an appointment with CAHMS in August).
We told DS to apologise to the boy for hitting but to also stay away from him. Since then his other 'friends' have been quite nasty to him. One day they are all playing happily, the next they are ganging up on him and beating him up.
We have told DS to stay away from them but this is proving difficult. It is pointless speaking to the parents as they do not care what the DC get up to and let them run riot. I have seen parents challenge them before and it wasn't nice. I would probably say that I am a bit scared to approach them.
DS has asked me to phone the police because of the beatings but I don't feel that the police would do anything, especially as this sort of behaviour from children is common in this area.

Sorry for this being so long but what do I do?

LeaveYourDignityAtTheDoor Mon 01-Aug-11 13:00:57


HotSummerNights Mon 01-Aug-11 13:17:32

Hi, Im sorry your and your DS are going through this it's horrendous I know.

How old is DS.

I would try and speak to the other child's parents or do you have a DP who could do this.

If this doesn't help matters then call or visit your local police station I have found mine were very helpful last summer when we had a similar situation.

Good luck.

LeaveYourDignityAtTheDoor Mon 01-Aug-11 13:25:27

DS is 8 but is a bit immature for his age.

It is pointless speaking to the parents as they do not give a shit. They regularly go out for the day, leaving their DSs 8 and 6 out playing with no supervision. They take any comments about their children as a personal attack and get aggressive.

HotSummerNights Mon 01-Aug-11 16:00:56

I think the way to go forward will be to have an informal chat with the police this is assault and the parents have to take responsability for their children.

LeaveYourDignityAtTheDoor Tue 02-Aug-11 12:09:14

I've had a chat with the police and they have advised that I speak to SW as, in their eyes, there is a neglect issue re: out playing, parents away out for the day, no other adult supervision.

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