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ds bully having taster seesions in ds class

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mummag Wed 22-Jun-11 13:23:00

last week my son was very upset because the boy that was very violent, verbally and physically threatening to him at his old school arrived at his new school for taster session. I saw deputy head, then had a long conversation with the head on the phone. They were full of apologies about it happening, but apparently this boy has left the previous school and is now in some kind of special school and they are now trying to place him ds school.

It is so frustrating and upsetting, my ds is devastated as it was a horrible time for him. The previous school did nothing, denied there was a problem even though in year three i was in the schoool all the time complaining. The present school have put a contract in place that means ds has limited contact with this boy. But he is still coming into ds's school for sessions.
I have written a letter to the school about all the previous events, and just wondered what on earth i am supposed to do in this situation. The school say there is no decision made that this child will come to the school, but this leaves my poor son in limbo. Any advice on what i can do?

stream Wed 22-Jun-11 13:24:18

Have you thought of contacting the governors?

mummag Wed 22-Jun-11 13:31:22

I had made a bit of an assumption that the letter i wrote to the head would be forwarded to the governer too. I am going to write letter to governer and lea, as i am so worried about this. I keep trying to build ds up by saying its a different school and they will protect you but i feel that it is so fundamentally bad for my ds to have this happen. We have seen this boy since ds left the other school and he still screams abuse at us. Unpleasant...

takeonboard Thu 23-Jun-11 14:41:04

Contact the anti-bullying charity Kidscape, they can give you practical advice on how to approach the school, what your legal rights are and what you can expect the school to do.
They can also help your DS deal with the bully - if it comes to that. I hope not.

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