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Need help! 4 yrs old DD being bullied

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coolestmom Wed 15-Jun-11 06:58:28

My DD took a long time to settle in school, nearly 4months. Each night before the school would be full of cries that she didnt want to go to school the next day, but eventually we shifted our house, and she started to play with a lot of building children and one fine day started enjoying. Till 10 days back she was in love with her teacher, friends and school. All this while she has been an outstanding student in Fs1,taking part in every activity and enjoying the time in her school. Then she fell I'll and could not attend school for 2 weeks. During this time some children in the building called her names and even i was a bit harsh on her for not behaving properly at home. I was maybe overreacting.when she went back to school, she complained that a boy had called her names.she is a timid child so I had to ask the teacher to intervene and make the boy say sorry.from that day myDD has been crying and refuses to go to school.the behaviour has suddenly become the way it was at the beginning of school, which was nearly an year back. Now she has such low esteem that she even if someone says you are a cry baby, she doesn't want to go to school. I realised my mistake and I have started behaving more gently.what should I do so that she again smiles and goes to school?

veritythebrave Wed 15-Jun-11 07:10:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bucharest Wed 15-Jun-11 07:18:41

This doesn't sound like bullying, it sounds, unfortunately, like normal (if there can be such a thing sad) from other kids.

The fact that all this has happened on the back of 2 weeks absence with illness suggests she might be feeling a bit under par still, so very tearful at something that if she were fighting fit wouldn't bother her.

Definitely go and tell the teacher everything she's told you and establish what the teacher already knows. Name names with the teasing and insist the teacher puts a stop to it. Before it does turn into bullying like the kind Verity has described. Let your daughter see that you believe her, that you believe the other child is wrong, and that the teacher will think that too. Show her that the adults are on her side. Hope it all works out.

coolestmom Wed 15-Jun-11 19:45:41

Thanks verity and dfinately makes sense to tell the teacher.and the fact that my DD is a little over sensitive makes matters worse.hope tomorrow is a better day.thanks

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