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maypole1 Fri 27-May-11 19:01:32

help my lo is being bullied.

It stated off at the start of the year with a few boys waiting for him after school and informing him "if he tells any one they might kill him and throw his body away"

He didn't tell any one for ages than it all came out when the class teacher noticed he was being bullied in class the boys had managed to get the whole class to give my lo the silent treatment and and all came to a head when on a boat trip thy tried to push him over board.

The teacher was really good took swift action but like all to often the parents didn't give a hoot boys wil be boys we were told

The school warned the boys that if they were caught again they would be out

Fast forward a couple of terms one of the boys has completely stopped but the other two boys and now girl who has seen fit to join in have started up more the low level stuff trying to push him of the bus when the door opens wispering about him really low but loud enough so hear can here, staring at him then laughing that sort of thing

We were completely in the dark I only found this out by chance I needed to pick him up after school when one of the bus mums with children in a younger year said I think you should know whats going on.

I was of course shocked I did ask about my own sons behaviour to make sure this wasn't banter or any kind she said no he just sits in the corner by the bus driver and that they bully him every day and she came to me but wasn't sure if she should of gone to the school.
And that it was getting nasty

I then decide I wouldn't make to much fuss with my lo so only told him from the next day he would be picked up from school from then on only then did he say something.

I went to the class teacher with this and he seemed to be implying that my lo should try and fit in more
He asked me what I wanted to do i said as their is only 6 weeks left I would just pick lo up from school.

So you would think now i am picking lo up they would have stopped right wrong I had to speak to the children just Friday gone as I witnessed them whispering about my son at the bus stop when I picked him up I said in a loud voice What's that about ....... You say they looked shocked and jumped on the bus

I am sorry I now want. Something done even when I come and get lo they still are brave enough to still try it and I don't see why I should wait for the next bus because my lo is scared if I say anything to them they will get


Am i doing the right thing

Tea her said he will speak to the head as they main bully is facing be suspended any way for other issues and one of the other bullies has been banned from getting the bus from last time as he only lives a few doors down from the school(getting the bus especially to bully my lo then walking all the way back)

So close to the end of year or am I right in making a stand

I don't see why I should be picking my lo up from school when when the bully are free to travel at their leisure

So three days later I call the head to find out what the conclusion is none, he said he had gone to the play ground to "observe" my child and then later questioned him to what had happened and thats it

He said he found my son immature in building friendships and I need to talk to my son over the half term about telling adults about whats going on

(no wonder why he won't ell them whats going on when he knows they feel he's to blame)

I asked him if he had been observing the bully or asked the bullies parents to have a talk with their child he said the focus should be on my son and we need to have a meeting after half term

maypole1 Fri 27-May-11 19:03:35

Why are they not tackling the bully I dint understand

My oh thinks they are letting it drift because theirs seven weeks left I just cannot believe this is happening

takeonboard Thu 02-Jun-11 17:49:32

It doesn't matter thats its near the end of the year it should be dealt with and 7 weeks is a very long time. And it doesn't make any difference if your DS's social skills are immature that doesn't make bullying acceptable.
Ask to see their anti-bullying policy, put your comments/complaints in writing - even by email. Demand to know what action they are taking with the bullies, make sure this is on their school record and ask the parent who kindly pointed it out to you to let the school know independently as her account is valuable.
Good luck, don't forget you are doing this for your son so don't let the school bully you!

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