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I think my child is being bullied by her teacher, what should I do?

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maddisonsmum Tue 25-Jan-11 10:33:42

I think my child is being bullied by her teacher, what should I do? i went into the school just last tusday and every day from then she has cryed her eyes out saying the teacher is being bad to me. plez help i dont no what to do?

First and foremost you need more details before you can make a judgement of bullying. You need to know what the teacher is saying and doing, and what your dd is doing. Does the teacher talk the same way to other pupils.

You need to have a polite discussion with the teacher - tell her that your dd has been upset every day recently and you are worried about this.

It may be that your dd is daydreaming in class and the teacher is having to speak sharply to her to get her attention. Or it may be that your dd is not behaving well, and has been told off by the teacher and doesn't like it. You need to be open to these possibilities.

At the moment we only have a tiny fragment of a story and cannot judge who is in the right here.

maddisonsmum Tue 25-Jan-11 12:12:19

i have been told by other mum's and dad's from the school saying to me that the new teacher is doing the same thing to there children as well. So its is not just my child getting bullyed by her. i was told one day that my child had bitten a other child and the teacher gave me the name of this child she was ment to have bitten and as the other childs mother was a mate of mine i when up to her and the other child to say that i was very sorry, the other child mother told me that my child never bit her child so the new teacher is now making up lie's about my child. also she was sent to the head teacher and put in timeout even know she NEVER bit this other child witch is not right. and on a diffrent day she was put in timeout yet again this time it was 5 times in one day for talking to her mates in the class and one was when they where getting ready to do a PE lesson and for jumping into thing before thinking well this is what i have be told so far i have a meeting with this teacher to night and i will get to the bottom of all this. i just know that my child loved school and in the last 5 school day she has been cry and dose not what to go to school witch is not right in my eyes

walkinZombie Tue 25-Jan-11 16:40:38

I would sit down with her and ask exactly what is going on, teachers can be just as cruel as students, if not worse as they have more power.

maddisonsmum Tue 25-Jan-11 17:22:14

had a talk with the teacher today after school and she is now saying that my child is one of the bad ones and i need to do something about it even know when she was in her old class i was told by meny teachers and helpers in the school she is a kind and a very careing little girl and one of the best in her class so how come in just 5 school day she is now so bad? im now thinking about home school as i dont what her so upset in the mornings and at the end of the days it just not far on her. and as a good mum her wellbeing is at the top of my list.....

DeidreBarlow Tue 25-Jan-11 17:25:47

The teacher refered to your DD as 'a bad one'? shock I think I would be asking to speak to the head.

How old is your DD?

walkinZombie Tue 25-Jan-11 19:32:43

Speak to the Head, Barlow speaks sense
its is unpor. to call even a difficult student 'one of the bad ones' doers he think he's on the playground, would alarm me tbh like a justification.

PigTail Tue 25-Jan-11 19:39:52

You need to speak to the head and get this sorted out.

Are you happy with the school over all? Would it be worth looking at other schools in the area?

spurs12345 Sat 05-Feb-11 19:27:58

Have a meeting between your daughter and the teacher with the Head teacher to sort this out.

valH36 Mon 07-Feb-11 09:23:18

I had the same problem. I wrote to the head master in a very posotive way to ask what we as a family and the school jointly could do to help boost her confidence as she was getting so anxious about maths. I put in the leter an example of how unconstructive a statement had been from the teacher and that i didn't find it acceptable and neither should the school
That was two weeks ago, we have all had a meeting and they are being very nice to her now. I was terrified of complaining but she is my world and I would do anything for her.

nets1 Wed 18-Apr-12 13:55:35

We recently removed our daughter from her school as she, and a number of other girls in her class were being systematically bullied by the teacher - including 'not telling our mummies what happens in class', and tell the class what a naughty, bad girl you have been...' - just the tip of the iceberg. Head was initially sympathetic, but then dug heels in and refused to address the issue other than talking to teacher. Ended up with 4 families out of a class of 16 pulling their daughters out for the same reason - my daughter was in a mess while this was happening, and now is happy & settled in her new school.

DiaryOfASingleMum Mon 30-Apr-12 11:25:29

People always feel powerless in this situation, however, what this teacher is doing is against the law! Bullying of any type has far reaching consequences on ones wellbeing, self esteem, confidence level, etc, etc. It makes me so cross to hear this is happening with a child. From people I have interviewed in the past (I'm a broadcaster), what they have advised, is that you and your daughter should start a diary, of EVERY SINGLE THING, no matter how small or irrelevant it may feel at the time. I would then definitely seek legal advice. You may feel and they may well feel that it's impossible to prove but it isn't.

Bucharest Mon 30-Apr-12 11:38:01

Old thread?

Wallenburn Mon 04-Nov-13 10:35:36

Hi my son does not want to go to school on certain days due to one of his teachers. It started last year at high school the certain teacher started with you can't go to the toilet, someone pushed his chair away from him and she gave my son a punishment not the person who pushed his chairs someone was having a carry on in the class the teacher looked up new who was disrupting the class but said to the boy who was disrupting the class is my son keeping you from working my son said it's not me I have done a page of this she told him to be quiet.these are just a few of the things he has to put up with.
So last year I went to see his guidance teacher who was very nice took my sons report with me which he could see was very good doesn't have a problem with any other teachers he actually gets very good reports from them he has had a few son is the type of person who is inquisitive he likes to ask the teacher if he does not know something when he asks this certain teacher she starts to make a fool him so he does not ask for help I have had to engage a tutor because the subject is an important subject which he will need in later life.
My son has some confidence I'm afraid if this teacher keeps going she will knock every bit of confidence out of him
Have I any rights to get him into another class.

womblingalong Mon 04-Nov-13 10:38:38


I am sorry your son is having a hard time. I would really suggest you start a new thread with your post on, so people can understand that you need some advice now. This is a really old thread and you might not get the responses you were looking for.

womblingalong Mon 04-Nov-13 10:39:29

Wallenburn, sorry.

Kenlee Sun 17-Nov-13 06:27:46

My advice as this happens in HK regularly with over powering Teachers...

1) complain to the head....
2) Give them a formal letter of complaint.
3) Ask to sit in with the head on lessons for a week.
4) Inform the board of governors and the PTA formally in writing
5) Ring do not email and ask for the person who deals with the LEA and speak to them in person.

Talk with the teacher explain that you will not go away. That you will carry on. Explain to the head that if need be you will goto the press....

worked for my friend....

stewartlaura67 Fri 22-Nov-13 10:15:14

I think you should have a nice genuine talk with the teacher about it ,try to talk teacher during her free time like the lunch time or after school,teachers always do things for the betterment of children but if your child is in no fault and even getting bullied then you need to complain about it to the higher authority.

Noappointmentnecessary Tue 28-Jan-14 18:37:29

I doubt your child is being bullied by the teacher!!! I reckon that your child is probably doing something that they shouldn't be and therefore the teacher is having to speak to them more than anyone else. Therefore, your child is probably going home and feeding you this rubbish!!! Do you actually sit at home and think they are an angel???
Im sure it would be completely inappropriate and unprofessional for a teacher to bully a child!!
I think you really need to ask your child what is going on before you make the assumption of bullying!!!

WireCat Tue 28-Jan-14 18:38:32

Mine was. I had to pull him out of the school. The teacher left soon after. hmm

MrCabDriver Tue 28-Jan-14 18:41:25

It might be sorted out 3 years later.....

qazxc Tue 28-Jan-14 18:43:16

You need to talk to the head. Referring to a pupil as "one of the bad ones" is very unprofessional IMO.

Charlieangel38 Tue 01-Apr-14 01:10:59

We won't be talking about Djanogly City Academy would we? My daughter is being bullied in class in front of teachers and the teachers are not doing anything about it but saying my child is disorderly when she is being bullied right in front of them... I do not know who to take this too though someone help? Been to the Head teacher counsellor reception no1 seems to care it just gets brushed under the mat?

MissBlake Fri 09-May-14 19:12:14

When I was in primary school I put up with my teacher bullying me for the whole year. She made fun of my abilities in front of the class and encouraged the children to do the same, she would read out any mistakes saying what a stupid girl, walk up to me and clap her hands really loudly screaming listen if I got an answer wrong. When letters were handed out warning parents of a strange van being seen near the school I was not given one as no one would abduct me. I could go on and on. A teacher is a normal person at ther end the day, nothing to stop them being a total bitch. Not much advice as I do not have school age children, other posters have said it better than I can, but I do think you should ask to meet the head after talking to your daughter to find out exactly whats going on. Even if it is just talking sharply ect it is obviously distressing to your daughter.

shevy84 Mon 23-Jun-14 19:31:50

Noappointmentnecessary it's people like you that continually allow children to be victims. Do you think that aĺl teachers are angels hhhhmmmm.... I think not. Why don't you go back to the neolithic times you may fair better!

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