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5yo hurt by two others today

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groggymama Tue 16-Nov-10 22:51:18

I've got to speak to class teacher about something that happened today. DH noticed bruises on DS2's groin area and asked him what had happened. He said two children in his class played army and the boy kicked him and the girl poked him in the eye. He said he was crying and they told him not to tell the teacher. He said they made a circle so he couldn't get away to tell. This was at last play. He didn't tell anyone until tonight when questioned. I'm so angry and sad for him. I've talked through with him about how to keep himself safe and how hurting is wrong and keeping secrets is wrong etc. What else should/can I be doing?

ShanahansRevenge Tue 16-Nov-10 23:09:18

Ooh the little HORRORS>....want to use a stronger word!

That's horrible...proper bullying in such young kids always shocks me...I think you should insist it's dealt with in a serious fahion. I hope DS feels ok now...I think you should tell DS how well he did to tell you and make sure he knows that you are proud of him for explaining what happened...and also perhaps a bit of role play.

My DD had a "friend" who used to push her about at the same age...stopping DD from winning at races by spreading out her I played out the scenario and we swapped parts a few times...she really loved doing not only coul she practice her responses but she thoughtit was funny to see me acting like a child.

Teach him the power of voice...shouting at anyone who is mean to STOP IT! YOU''RE HURTING ME! Is quite effective as it alarms the bullies and draws attention to the area too.

The teacher will probably make the kids apologise. I hope they come down hard on them..kicking in the privates needs stamping does poking in the eye! Shocking.

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