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Breastfeeding pump

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Sunnylands27 Wed 03-Mar-21 21:36:18

Hi lovelies
I’m soon to be FTM and hoping to breast feed though my partner would like to feed baby too so we’re looking at breast pumps - looking online there are only a few to choose from, though the one that peaked my interest the most was the Elvie so that I can still get on with other jobs but it’s not a massive issue if I need to sit and pump. Just interested to see whether people found the Elvie efficient enough to warrant the price as online reviews are terrible suggesting lots of problems with charging, leaking, breaking parts and the app not measuring milk correctly... soo I’m a bit put off to say the least.
Just wondering if anyone has any experience with the Elvie or if you can recommend other pumps?

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longtimelurkerfirsttimeposter Wed 03-Mar-21 21:46:52

Hi, I used a Medela swing with my first and got on really well with that, though you would be tethered to a socket/can be battery operated but I didn't use that function much. Used it a lot and got great amount of milk out with it.
Got an elvie for my second for the convenience of not being tethered to a socket, other than the first couple of goes I did not get on well with the elvie at all, I couldn't even get a let down. Changed the parts as customer service said they could get warped. Tried different size shields. Just didn't work for me. Gave me clogged ducts on a number of occasions. Wonderful concept but definite design flaws.
My friend liked it though she was only a very occasional pumper.

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