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Pumping bras?

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LittleTwiglet Wed 03-Feb-21 18:15:17

I'm currently exclusively double pumping.

Can someone recommend a good expressing bra please as I'm tired of having both hands on the pumps for most of the day.

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LittleTwiglet Thu 04-Feb-21 15:11:39


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worriedpleasereassureme Thu 04-Feb-21 16:37:20

Bumping for you

LittleTwiglet Sat 06-Feb-21 15:14:42

Still no ideas?

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Shazzzzz Thu 04-Mar-21 11:31:56

@LittleTwiglet Hi, i have the medela pumping bra! Its comfortable and keeps the pumps firmly in place ☺️

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