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Loss of supply caused by expressing?

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Myribena Thu 19-Oct-17 11:55:06

Has anyone experienced their milk supply coming to a stop due to feeding with ebm only? I've been feeding by bottle for a couple of weeks but now being told by HVs that I will lose my milk if I don't breastfeed directly. One HV said it's due to insufficient stimulation another said it's because the baby is needed to produce oxytocin. I am really frustrated as we were happily breastfeeding on demand when we left hospital, as directed by neo natal. The HV then told me I would have to stick to a 3 hourly pattern and top every feed up with a bottle, which is why I gave up bf in the first place as I couldn't do that plus pump every three hours without confining us all to the house and forgoing all sleep confused I don't know whether to worry about this, or if it's just their way of keeping babies on the breast.

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