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Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric VS Medela Swing?

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Busybee1234 Sat 23-Jan-16 22:17:50

I had a Medela Swing (the single one) for DD1. It has not been used for 4 years and I know it used to suck milk into the motor by the end of its life so don't feel comfortable using it for DD2 after being in storage for so long. I read that the Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric is a closed pump system so I hopefully won't have the same problem of milk being sucked into the motor and I quite like the idea of being able to use it as a single or a double.

Does anyone have experience with both these pumps? Which would you recommend? I really want to go for a closed pump system this time. I'm reading mixed reviews about the Lansinoh. Some people say the suction is not as strong as the Swing's? Does it work well as a single or a double pump?

I used to express on one side with DD on the other side twice a day and express both sides each evening for a year. I was happy with my Medela but the motor did start to die after a year's use and as mentioned I don't like the fact that it is an open system.

artisanroast Sun 27-Mar-16 20:29:14

I have a lansinoh and love it. It's the only reason I could eventually breastfeed my baby at 4 weeks. We are now still going strong at 6 months.

It has various speeds and suction strengths. Also having used mine several times per day for 3 months and daily for 6 months I feel its good value

Busybee1234 Sun 27-Mar-16 23:22:23

Thank you! That's great to hear. I've recently purchased the lansinoh when it was on special offer at Boots.

artisanroast Mon 28-Mar-16 12:27:31

Fab! Hope you enjoy it!

The other thing I should have mentioned is there brilliant customer service dept. When my daughter was 2 weeks old I lost the diaphragm in my kitchen (essential for use of the pump). I couldn't find it anywhere but the helpful lady on the other end of the phone sent me out 2 next day delivery. It was brilliant. My DH found the diaphragm stuck to the underside of the wash bowl in the sink that night at 10pm.

KP86 Mon 28-Mar-16 12:34:57

Steer clear of Medela for the reason you already listed!

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