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Breast pumps and maximising milk supply

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MyselfandI123 Thu 29-Oct-15 23:14:56

Hello everyone

I had my little boy 5 weeks ago after he arrived very quickly and 4 weeks early! He had to stay in NICU for a week due to fluid on his lungs but is all well and recovered now thankfully smile I had to express for a week in hospital so he could have my milk as he couldn't feed due to wires and tubes. I've continued to pump to have an excess supply so my husband can feed but I do mainly breastfeed. I want to know what is the best breast pump for extracting the most milk in a short amount of time and what's the best pumping routine??? I have a madela swing and leave it 10mins on each side but only getting off 100-120 ml which is only just a full feed. Any tips on becoming a milk machine grin

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