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Avent Comfort electric pump, compatible with tommee tippee bottles?!?

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HadALittleFaithBaby Tue 02-Jul-13 07:00:13

I agree You can always express into the Avent then pour it into the tommy tippee bottles. We started using the CTN bottles but found they kept clogging after a while - cue one frustrated baby! Started using avent bottles (I have the avent pump), no problems since.

theonewiththenoisychild Sun 12-May-13 20:11:33

sure tbh but maybe just use the bottle included with the pump and then tip milk into the other bottles I had a avent hand pump and was using closer to nature bottles when ds was born as didn't want to spend loads after failed attempt to bf dd and used the bottle included and put it in bottles I used. after a month I just brought the closer to nature electric pump as was on sale and it was great. well as far as breast pumps go I suppose altho it does moo grin

maria1113 Thu 18-Apr-13 14:52:02

Hi, just wondering if any of you had tried using the Avent Comfort electric pump with tommee tippee bottles?

I ask because i'd like to use this pump due to best reviews but would also like to buy the t-tippee starter set (steriliser, bottles, teats etc) as its very cheap at the moment but obviously dont want to make the mistake of buying uncompatible products and not being able to return them.

Any help would be most appreciated as this is my first pregnancy and had no experience with these products! Looking to buy soon whilst the baby events are on at the supermarkets xx

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