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Problems with new Philips Avent Comfort breast pump

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Limehouse Thu 14-Mar-13 09:57:28


Does anyone have advice or similar experiences?

I bought the new Philips Comfort Double Electric Breast pump after seeing the single pump at the Baby Show a few weeks ago. I had been using a borrowed single Medela Swing but thought I would invest to continue expressing after returning to work.£200+ investment.

When it arrived from Amazon, it was at least 10 times louder than the single Phlips or Medela and woke my baby up from 2 rooms away with doors closed. Anyone who has expressed knows what a cold, tiresome process it is anyway so this did not help.

I contacted Philips who were initially unhelpful- suggested I reassemble it when wet so there would be less friction. Surely a brand new product would have the need for lubricant designed into it? They also said they would call back to check and when they didn't , I called them and they were rather abrupt saying they were a "call in" centre, not a "call out" centre and if they followed me up it would be a gesture of goodwill. They also suggested i send it back to Amazon but i pointed out it wasnt a pair of shoes that i could just send back as it was an essential. Their advice didn't work either.

Anyway, I became insistent and they sent me a second pump.

The second pump is equally loud with a metallic click rather than a plasticky rub. I went back to the customer services lady essentially told me she was one of the people who trialled this new product and her baby slept through the noise ( implication that my baby was over sensitive to noise- we live next to the A13- I don't think so).

I am stuck- has anyone else used this or a new Avent Comfort single pump? Or should I buy a Medela Double pump and send this one back for refund.

One thing I know is I have lost faith in Philips aftercare.

I am running out of time to send it back to Amazon in the refund window.

All ideas and advice welcome!

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 14-Mar-13 19:02:59

I'd send it back and get the ameda lactaline. You can use it as a single or electric, I didn't think it was too loud and it has a closed system so is good for resale once you've finished it.

Their aftercare is also brilliant. My DH threw away a valve the day before Christmas Eve. I phoned them up, but didnt expect much, then the valves arrived the next day with a lovely note. Can highly recommend.

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