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does an electric breast pump need to be the same brand as the bottles?

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cleoteacher Tue 02-Oct-12 14:54:12

Hi all
I am 30 weeks pregnant and I am looking at electric breast pumps. I am planning on breast feeding if I can, but I am also planning on doing some private tutoring during my maternity leave, if It's not too much, to top up my maternity pay, so need to express for hubby to give the little one a bottle three nights a week.

I have recently brought an microwave advent steriliser which was second hand and came with bottles and teats. First of all, is it ok to use second hand bottles and teats or should I buy new? I guess if they are being sterilised then there should be no bateria on them as that's the point isn't it?

Secondly, will any brand electric pump fit the bottles to put the milk straight into the bottle or will I have to get an advent one? Are they any good?

horsebiscuit Tue 02-Oct-12 20:46:45

Hello Cleo
I happily used secondhand bottles but bought new teats as they do perish a little over time. You'll need the lowest flow teats for a bf baby. They aren't expensive.
You can choose any breastpump you like but the bottles will be different sizes. So, for example, I had a Medela pump and it comes with a little bottle, and then I simply decanted the milk into an Avent bottle for storage and use. With DD2 I have an Avent breastpump so it's slightly easier but it doesn't make a huge difference.
BTW, in the nicest possible way, can I say, don't over promise how much work you'll do on maternity leave, if you can, a new baby can be a massive shock and keep you very busy indeed! Good luck Clei.

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