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Agghhh, so confused about what to go for

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HoneyMum21 Mon 30-Jul-12 21:50:00

As the title suggests i'm just really confused. I'm expecting DS1 in December and am trying to work out feeding etc. I'm intending to BF but want to have a pump so i can express as DH really wants to get involved. I was fairly sold on the Avent electric pump, but have read a few bad reviews and have also just seen the Spectra3 which has good reviews. Are either of these as good as they sound? Or should i be looking at others? I really like the Avent bottles etc so want to make sure whatever i get works with them, which i think the Spectra said it does. I've been reading about open and closed systems and am totally confused - from what i've read closed sounds more hygenic but none of the pumps i'm looking at seem to specify what they are - how do i find out? If it's open collection how do i make sure the motor stays clean? Agghhhhhhhhh

WitchOfEndor Mon 30-Jul-12 21:59:25

I got the Medela Swing as that's the brand the hospital I was in used. It's still going strong after two years. You can use it with mains adaptor or batteries if you fancy walking about with it! It might be worth asking your health visitor if you can borrow one for a couple of weeks to get you going as the ones they have are a lot more powerful than the ones sold in the shops, that way if you get on great with expressing you can buy one yourself and if you struggle ( not everyone can get much milk out when using a pump) you haven't wasted any money.

newtonupontheheath Tue 11-Sep-12 11:40:07

Another fan of the medela swing here... It's about £130 but they were selling it at the baby event in Manchester for £80 (I think there's another coming up in Earls Court soon...?) Well worth it!

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