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Medela swing soft parts replacements

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Ginga66 Wed 06-Jun-12 00:10:08

My meddle swing needs new cup and tube but all uknstockists I have found say out of stock and importing from us seems costly plus baby due now! Any ideas where I can get these parts asap?

JubileeMcPhee Wed 06-Jun-12 00:12:24


Big mothercares sell the extras

Ginga66 Wed 06-Jun-12 00:13:39

Hi jubilee, I saw some parts in a big mother care but not the cups and tube, I shall look online and see thanks

JubileeMcPhee Wed 06-Jun-12 00:15:03

have you seen if there's any stockists on ebay?

It may be worth a search.

Ginga66 Wed 06-Jun-12 23:57:36

Nothing on mother care and bay onLy in states. Had sweep today so prob have to get different brand now!

elliebug Sat 09-Jun-12 08:31:49

Bit late but I googles medela spares and found some stockists in uk, can't remember name though, will have a look

elliebug Sat 09-Jun-12 08:35:42

Expressyourselfmums has spares inc tubing, not sure what else you needed but the sell the bit you hold onto your breast, that's the bit that's wearing on mine, good luck with the spares and the baby smile

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