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Aargh! My husband broke my breastpump!

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Tarakate Sat 31-Dec-11 00:24:16

My idiot husband snapped the tube adapter on the side of my Ameda Lactaline Personal breastpump when he was loading the car today.

Does anyone know where I (and I do mean HE) can get one on New Year's Eve in the London area?

We are in Rotherhithe/Canada Water and he will travel to find one. He has one arriving by post for Wednesday (fastest they can send it) but obviously I need a replacement fairly quickly and there must be a retailer in London.

Already painful and I'm quite worried about it.



QED Sat 31-Dec-11 00:25:54

Do you need to express a lot or are you able to hand express to ease it a bit?

QED Sat 31-Dec-11 00:30:06

Have found you can get spare parts here but not sure quite which part it is you need (have realised it is a slightly more full on breast pump than I had, so possibly my other post isn't much help).

Can only think of Boots or John Lewis that might have one or another pharmacy?

Saucepanman Sat 31-Dec-11 00:37:48

Came on preparing to be all smart and say "Leave the Bastard! grin" then read and realised urgency. Could he buy a cheap replacement from a supermarket to last you until Wednesday? Like an avent one. I know it's a bit of a pain in the arse with a manual pump, but could tide you over until Wed? Good luck!

ZhenThereWereTwo Sat 31-Dec-11 00:40:49

Seller on ebay in berkshire, new will except pick up see here.

Another one but used here

ZhenThereWereTwo Sat 31-Dec-11 00:43:23

Also Boots stores that may have in stock here

Tarakate Sat 31-Dec-11 02:53:11

Awesome! you guys have come up trumps. Many thanks.
Have been hand expressing but such hard work and for so little reward.
Sending him to Romford imminently, thanks, Zhen.


ZhenThereWereTwo Sat 31-Dec-11 09:01:35

You are welcome, hope you will feel more comfortable soon smile

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