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Anyone find they can't express with breast pump and small nipples???? Help!

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Laurarj84 Wed 15-Sep-10 19:01:47

I've been experimenting with expressing but I'm struggling. I'm using a Philips Avent electric pump and I can't seem to get a good seal around my breast and the let down reflex doesn't get the milk flowing or seem anywhere near as powerful as my baby's sucking is. I've got small breasts and even smaller nipples! Does anyone else have this problem and/or a solution? I need to go away for a day working soon and don't want to resort to formula to feed bubba just because I can't express.

aloiseb Wed 15-Sep-10 20:43:38

I never used a breast pump - I had a little plastic thing from Boots - sorry, can't remember what it was called, but it was in 2 parts, one with a hole for the nipple and a rounded part which clipped over it. I used to put it over the opposite nipple when breast feeding. (under my bra).
It collected quite a nice little bit of milk each time, which I then froze in sterilzed pots until it was needed by DH for feeding dd when I went out.
(I wasn't working until she was 15 months, luckily, so I didn't need large anounts...don't know how well it would have worked then)
Best of luck!

aloiseb Wed 15-Sep-10 20:44:01

Breast shell, that was it!

Laurarj84 Fri 24-Sep-10 08:29:45

Thanks! I will look out for those and give it a try.

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