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Where is it legal to ask you not to breastfeed?

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McBaby Wed 06-Mar-13 01:41:36

I went to visit my Dad in hospital yesterday and while I was there fed my baby. The ward had three other male patients who were paying no attention to me and were asleep most of the time and didbt even notice. Later that day my dad was asked by a nurse to tell me not to feed her. I am slightly confused if I have done something wrong?

Dottiespots Wed 06-Mar-13 01:48:39

Hi.....did you feed discreetly under the jumper type feed or did you get the girls out???

McBaby Wed 06-Mar-13 01:52:22

It was dicreet with jumper on and nothing on show?

Iheartpasties Wed 06-Mar-13 01:55:07

In a hospital? Wow, that's pretty bad on their behalf. I'd complain.

Eskino Wed 06-Mar-13 02:01:45

Nurse asked your Dad to ask you not to feed your baby on the ward??

How is your Dad with BFing in public? (Though its hardly public)

If there was a No Breastfeeding policy hmm on that ward then the nurse would have told you herself. Perhaps suggesting you'd be more comfortable in the day/family room.

Eskino Wed 06-Mar-13 02:07:33

This is taken from the Equality Act 2010. It's sex discrimination to treat a woman unfavourably because she is breastfeeding.

"Where can a woman breastfeed?
You are protected in public places such as parks, sports and leisure facilities, public buildings and when using public transport such as buses, trains and planes. You are protected in shops, public, restaurants and hotels regardless of how big of small. You are also protected in places like hospitals, theatres, cinemas and petrol stations"

Don't feel bad, you've done nothing wrong!!

McBaby Wed 06-Mar-13 02:09:13

My dad was the one who said to feed her there as all the other patients were asleep as I was about to go and find somewhere else. But as we had a limited time to visit and he has been told he may only have a few days to live!

So he is fine with me breastfeeding.

Dottiespots Wed 06-Mar-13 02:10:17

Maybe one of the other men was uncomfortable with it. Would you be happy pulling the curtain around when you feed?

pickledparsnip Wed 06-Mar-13 02:13:10

That is horrendous! You have the right to feed your child whenever and wherever you need to. Am horrified you were asked not to in a hospital. I'd be making a huge comlplaint.

pickledparsnip Wed 06-Mar-13 02:15:48

Dottiespots who gives a shit if the other men were uncomfortable with it! The op is feeding her baby.

pickledparsnip Wed 06-Mar-13 02:19:11

Get the girls out?

There's a baby feeding, the op is hardly sat there waggling her breasts provocatively. Women shouldn't have to feel like they have to feed discreetly in case they offend anyone. Jeez.

Dottiespots Wed 06-Mar-13 02:19:11

Yes I know but the for the men on the ward it is their temporary home and maybe one of them has a problem with it and therefor the hospital has a duty to the patient. I breastfed my kids for 7 years in total so I know what its like. I was just trying to work out why the nurse might have said that.

Eskino Wed 06-Mar-13 02:20:25

I'm glad you have the support of your dad. Maybe he could tell the nurse to do one for you if she asks again!

pickledparsnip Wed 06-Mar-13 02:44:04

Maybe if one of them has a problem with it they should close the curtain around their bed, or simply not look.

TrucksAndDinosaurs Wed 06-Mar-13 02:47:50

The hospital was out of order.
I would just ignore the person who said it and feed away. They are probably a one off and I doubt the other staff care at all, nor the other patients.
Put the curtain round your dad's bed if you want more privacy and not to be hassled by hospital staff who don't seem to understand the situation so as not to waste time with this nonsense when you could be feeding your baby and spending precious to with your dad.

pickledparsnip Wed 06-Mar-13 02:53:50

Agree with Trucks.

So sorry missed the bit about your dad maybe not having long to live. Trucks advice is good. Don't concern yourself with this crap, enjoy your time with your dad.

EauRouge Wed 06-Mar-13 09:31:29

Well, quite frankly, BOLLOCKS to anyone who feels uncomfortable by a baby feeding. Their problem, not yours OP. Their feelings are not more important than your baby being fed and comforted.

They are not allowed to make you stop BF your baby in a hospital. Maybe a letter to the hospital to remind them about the law will prevent this from happening again.

MyNameIsAnAnagram Wed 06-Mar-13 11:46:00

I would be writing to the hospital, that is disgraceful on their part.

daisylazy Wed 06-Mar-13 15:54:09

pickledparsnip are sooo rude. All advice is just that...advice....give your own but dont be so rude to other posters who are just trying to help as well. You will end up with high blood pressure if your not careful so calm down and take a chill pill will you. You obviously "hate" men and seem a very angry woman.

Ledkr Wed 06-Mar-13 16:05:10

Some older blokes may be uncomfortable and they are ill too so although its ridiculous I do kind of get it.
Just pull the curtain round and tell the nurse to feck off.

nickelbabe Wed 06-Mar-13 16:08:11

the nurse was very wrong and should be complained about - this is a fucking hospital, they should be encouraging people to feed their babies like that.


nickelbabe Wed 06-Mar-13 16:10:02

daisy - sorry, m'dear, I'm with pickledparsnip on this - it's none of the other men's business how she's feeding her baby, who gives a shit how uncomfortable they might be about a human being being fed?

montmartre Wed 06-Mar-13 16:11:06

Wow daisy hmm
Obviously all people who complain about limiting the right to feed their child must hate men! confused

secretscwirrels Wed 06-Mar-13 16:12:04

Your time with your dad is very precious now, please don't let this upset you or put you off visiting him. With a BF baby you have to take them with you.
That nurse would be in serious trouble if you complained. You need to decide whether to go down that route or not. If you do then you need to contact the PALS department.
You may feel able to speak to her quietly yourself? She was wrong to complain and even more wrong to do it via your dad.

FrancesHouseman Wed 06-Mar-13 16:15:14

How the hell did Daisy come up with the conclusion that Parsnip hates men?!

My sympathies are with you, OP. I was breastfeeding my son when my Dad was dying in hospital and at one point had to not visit as children were not allowed on the ward he was on. I guess I could've raised merry hell about it but as I'm sure you know, it was already a very stressful situation.

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