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Breastfed baby not pooing

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Lorelai Sat 14-May-11 19:41:18

I know it is normal for breastfed babies not to poo for a few days, but how long before I should start getting worried? DD2 (5 months) has always been an irregular pooer - when she is well she generally poos every other day, sometimes daily and sometimes she goes 3 days between poos, but not much longer. However, she hasn't pooed now since Tuesday morning, which is the longest she has ever gone - at what point does this become abnormal? She is otherwise well and happy.

2cats2many Sat 14-May-11 19:42:12

My DD once went 11 days without pooing. She was absolutely fine.

pud1 Sat 14-May-11 19:43:19

mine could go well over a week. breast milk is so perfectly made for your dd that there is very little waste

RitaMorgan Sat 14-May-11 19:43:41

There was a thread recently about a baby going 21 days grin

So long as she's comfortable, still passing wind and her tummy is soft I wouldn't worry - maybe get the HV/GP to check her out if nothing after 10 days?

purcellfan Sat 14-May-11 19:43:55

If I remember rightly they told us at the baby clinic that 10 days without is still within normal. Apparently there's less waste products with bm than with formula!

visionthing Sat 14-May-11 19:44:31

My dd could go without pooing for well over a week too. As long as she seems well and is feeding happily, don't worry.

Lorelai Sat 14-May-11 19:47:44

Ok, will give it a few more days. I know that up to 10 days is normal, but I thought that would be if that was what that baby always did, iyswim - that all babies would be 'regular' but just that 'regular' would vary. 21 days is pretty impressive though!!!

Shouldn't complain too much - she goes through way less nappies than her sister did - her record was 14 in one day!!

ZakuroFujiwara Sat 14-May-11 19:48:33

My breastfed daughter regularly went 2 - 3 weeks between poos. Very difficult not to worry but she seems largely unaffected by it now (at almost 2)!

kayjayel Sat 14-May-11 19:55:05

For months 2-6 of her life DD went 10-15 days without pooing - the only consequence was that I was always unprepared when it happened, and out of practice for baby poo-nappies! Her weight has always been around average, tall for age and she didn't experience any undue side effects from infrequent pooing! Enjoy it while it lasts!

AngelDelightIsFab Sat 14-May-11 20:30:59

Mine went up to a week. Especially longer if there was a growth spurt, it was almost like DC was trying to suck every last nutrient out before pooing it!

Miffster Sun 15-May-11 04:08:37

I hope my thread makes you smile

Lorelai Sun 15-May-11 08:50:09

Well, looks like my posting had a laxative effect - all came out during Eurovision - she obviously wasn't impressed with Sweden's effort smile

LOVED your thread Miffster!

mousymouse Sun 15-May-11 08:58:00

Up to ten days I wouldn't worry if baby is otherwise fine.

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