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thrush confusion

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forevermore Thu 18-Aug-05 21:12:38

sorry for another thursh thread ... but how do you know if your baby has thrush?
My 3 week old has a white tongue which both HV and MW are unable to tell if milk residue or thrush. i had recurrent thrush through pregnancy; does this mean anything???

my breasts don't hurt, my nipples tingle a bit (usually when i think of thursh though)

baby is mainly content, but wondering if she is secretly in agony???

My HV said wipe back of small finger along her tongue and see if this removes the white stuff, her saliva went meilky, but this could have been due to milk residue on top of thrush???
other than that the white tongue remains. sometimes looks better than other times but not sure. should i just take the treatment in case?

if yes what should i take . give to my baby?

hyphenlover Thu 18-Aug-05 21:15:05

tbh if the baby has thrush then you will get it too (i would have thought)
white tongue is not necessarily a symptom. DS used to just get white patches on the inside of his bottom lip and his cheeks... and it wouldn't rub off at all. it looked like it was inside rather than on the surface.

if you are worried though see your GP. If it is thrush they will prescribe either nystatin drops or daktarin gel for baby, and probably canestan cream for you

vickitiredmum Thu 18-Aug-05 22:09:37

Yep, my DS had little white spots in his mouth on his tongue, inside his lips and cheeks - very visible and you couldnt miss it. He used to bob on and off alot whilst feeding because it is sore for them. But if he has oral thrush then if you are BFing then you really would know about it too - its highly infectious and its really REALLy painful. Go to your GP and double check though.

eidsvold Fri 19-Aug-05 11:40:38

dd2 had thrush - her tongue looked cottage cheesy - only way to describe it. My boobs did more than tingle - although in hindsight - the tingling was the start... before I got it treated it was toe curling agony when dd2 latched on.

MY GP prescribed drops for dd2 and simply told me to buy daktarin oral gel(over the counter) and to put it on my nipples after each feed - cleared it up in no time and helped to stop reinfection between dd2 and I. The GP did say if the drops were unavailable then the oral gel would work for dd2 as well.

I know with dd2 - the milk reidue look will go but the thrush look stayed - so her tongue looked like that all the time - rather than every now and then.

As to feeding - dd2 would pull on and off the breast and fuss.

aloha Fri 19-Aug-05 11:43:44

My baby's tongue is always white, but we don't have thrush. If a baby was in agony, it would let you know, believe me! Babies aren't good at keeping secrets.

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