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10 week old refusing bottle-any ideas?

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Jules72 Sat 19-Jul-03 09:33:03

Started my 10 wk old daughter on bottle of expressed milk for the last feed around 5 weeks. She took it no problem for about 5 days then has flatly refused ever since. Tried Avent, Tommy Tippee and orthodontic teats. Tried it when she is straving but ths is cruel and painful and have to give in eventually. Any more ideas? Going back to work at 6 months and would occasionally like to have break and leave her for a few hours but cannot at the moment.

codswallop Sat 19-Jul-03 09:37:48

me too - took it beautifullt then couldnt be arsed for a few..weeks - now no go. Mind you hes 4 months - might just wait for cup..he will take cows milk but thats not allowed...

mears Sat 19-Jul-03 10:58:08

Try not to think that you cannot leave a B/F baby because they will not take a bottle. They WILL if they are really hungry. She is only 10 weeks old and may not need to be given a bottle when you go back to work. I think the problem with bottle refusal is that when you keep trying the baby refuses all the more. However, if you abandon it for a while then try when she really needs it ie. you are not there but have left milk, she will take it.

boyandgirl Sun 20-Jul-03 10:49:56

Aat first my dd would only take a bottle if she was neither too hungry nor overtired. Perhaps by the last feed it's too late for her. You could try offering her a bottle at other feeds instead. It may help also if someone else gives the bottle when you are not around.

whizzymummy Sun 20-Jul-08 20:16:28

Hi I sympathise, going through it too...My DD is nearly 10 weeks and similar - my DH used to do a bottle of EBM for me late evening and suddenly 2 weeks ago she cut it out. She's taken the odd bottle since but only when she's REALLY hungry and not tired. Very frustrating as the feeds I'd like to hand over to DH every now and again are generally the last of the day or in the night! I just tried to top her up today with a bottle at 7pm as she takes ages to feed before bed, but after 20 mins of trying I gave up again.
Interested to hear if anyone has any advice as it's driving me mad too and personally I'd love to combine BF and bottle feeding now but looks like a no-go.
My sister in law had the same and said it got much better when her son got older, I think 4 or 5 months.

whizzymummy Sun 20-Jul-08 20:16:59

oops just saw this is an old thread, doh brain a bit dead!

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