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Whats the best first cup to use

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Charlee Wed 17-Aug-05 20:45:24

I know there are millions of these threads about but i just want you to say which one you had luck wiht ds is 11 months and wont yet take a cup with a spout i have all of them lingering in the cupboard! so i need to know which one to stic with!

cod Wed 17-Aug-05 20:46:42

Message withdrawn

jessicaandbumpsmummy Wed 17-Aug-05 20:47:38

jess will only use the tommee tippee 4mnth plus one - she is 13 months and only been using it for 2 months!

poppy101 Wed 17-Aug-05 20:49:52

Tommee tippee soft spout and have just started mine onto a cup (the steady) cup today, quite enjoyed taking juice from the cup. He is now 11 months, I tried doidy which was quite good but stuck to tommee until now as it is good for travelling and baby really enjoyed it for juice, not so keen for milk drinks though. Will try new cup with milk tomorrow and see !!

LIZS Wed 17-Aug-05 20:50:00

avent magic cup without the valve .

sweetkitty Wed 17-Aug-05 20:50:22

we're fans of the tommee tippee 4 months one there hard spout and have no valve can be messy but they get used to it

cod Wed 17-Aug-05 20:50:52

Message withdrawn

hunkermunker Wed 17-Aug-05 20:50:59

DS uses the Tommee Tippee ones (2 for £4 in Boots atm).

Hulababy Wed 17-Aug-05 20:59:29

We loved the Doidy Cup, by Bickiepegs. Hads no lid/no pout, so needs supervision to start with. We used one from about 4 or 5 months, and gradulaly as she got older we had to help her less and less. We never got on with spouts, and she never really had a lidded cup as such.


poppy101 Wed 17-Aug-05 21:01:01

Mine liked the doidy cup but had the idea that he wanted to hold and use himself and kept on blowing bubbles in it, so put it away for a while.

Charlee Wed 17-Aug-05 21:08:40

this is the one i have. is it the same one as your all on about?

I also have 1 tesco baby one with a sof tspout and advent one and a tesco hard spout one.

Charlee Wed 17-Aug-05 21:19:14


poppy101 Wed 17-Aug-05 21:23:48

No, thats not what I use, I bought mine from Sainsburys, its a little cup with two handles and has a soft top lid on top with a spout that pops up and you can fold down in use.

Not sure what its called, tommee tippee range

poppy101 Wed 17-Aug-05 21:25:30

Its called the first drinking cup that I use, link on sainsburys page.

Charlee Wed 17-Aug-05 21:28:06

cheers poppy any other opinions would be great x

mumtosomeone Wed 17-Aug-05 22:13:45

I used the asda ones!

Charlee Thu 18-Aug-05 10:47:01

Well ds has been drinking from his Tesco own sopt spout one this morning result! now all i have to do is get him to hold it himself, he can do it whilst laying down or leaning back but not when sitting up.

mumtosomeone Thu 18-Aug-05 10:49:00

it takes time!! Well done him!

Roxswood Fri 19-Aug-05 22:17:06

The best one I've found is a boots own cup.

It has a soft spout and is free flowing and my little one (and the little ones I nannied for before having my own) have all done really well with it. It has no handles though, but it doesn't really matter as its quite narrow they learn to just pick it up without handles.

I think it was £3 so not expensive either. Its suitable from 4 months (I used it for EBM as she wouldn't take a bottle)

Hattie05 Fri 19-Aug-05 22:19:11

Just a cup! no lid or spout or anything just a cup. i'm sure lids were only invented to save carpets, if you only give them water it doesn't matter anyway!

My dd just used a cup, and i had one of those sports bottle type things to carry water when going out.

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