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he's breastfeed at1, but wont take milk, going away, trying to wean, arghhhh

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hermykne Wed 17-Aug-05 08:17:07

what will i do, its for a wedding next week.
he pushes milk in a cup/bottle away.
will take it on cereal/porridge but invariably gets a rash of some sort after it which fades after an hour or so. (i have posted before on this in allergies, he vomitted formula and cows milk initially)
i feed him am and pm. very short feeds.

i dont know what to do? i am hoping to stop feeding this weekend with dh taking over at night but if he wont take anything else but water is he going to suffer?
images of weak boned child, multiple fracture whilst playinf football 6 yrs down the line

Saacsmum Wed 17-Aug-05 08:51:07

will he eat yoghurt, cheese etc or do they give reactions too? could try calcium enriched soy milk or ensure that he has plenty of oily fish in his diet, some veges have got calcium etc in them. will you be leaving him for the whole day or will he have am feed before you go? perhaps try dh settling him without bfeeding from now on until you go. keep offering "milk" in whatever form in the meantime or maybe even express a little if you are really keen, try offering from a pop top drink bottle (eg a pump water bottle) my ds likes to feel like an adult somedays and will only drink from these rather than a baby cup (11mths)

moondog Wed 17-Aug-05 08:55:31

He'll manage without milk fine.
My ds (voluntarily) weaned off the breast at about 11 mths and since then,has never drunk milk or formula.

Are you still b/feeding? Do you want to continue or are you using the wedding as a reason to stop?
Not really clear.

aloha Wed 17-Aug-05 09:02:27

If you are worried about long term calcium intake then you can give him a liquid supplement (osteocare liquid) - found it for a similar query a few weeks ago.
But for the weekend - certainly not a problem. Enjoy!

LIZS Wed 17-Aug-05 09:11:48

dd had very little milk initially when she weaned off breastfeeding , but would eat yoghurt and cheese and didn't have the reactions to cow's milk you describe. Even so dd has been through phases of very little milk to months of eating very little but dairy. It all evens out in the end.

I'm unclear from your post if he can now tolerate it but is just choosing not to. If he knows mummy's milk is on offer if he refuses a bottle or cup then he probably will, if no alternative he will probably take it eventually. tbh I don't think you need worry yourself for a weekend without milk but realise longer term may be of more concern.

hermykne Wed 17-Aug-05 13:24:03

yes *moondog , lizs * - this thread is totally unclear - shows how muddled i am presently!

no i want to stop and we will be away for 3 days, so i am sure what small supply is there will have gone by my return. he only feeds from one boob. its a good time to stop - leaving my sister to cope, ha ha!!

what really concerns me is the calcium intake.
cheese he has, as well as a yogurt nearly every day. broccoli occasionally and red meat 2/3 times a week. but he is a good eater so i should be able to watch it.

its funny he'll grab his sister bottle and drink milk out of it bt wont take it if i give him one.

but have to perceivere as sacsmum says.
that and potty training all before i go! argghhhh

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