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Expressing bf

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SpikeMomma Tue 16-Aug-05 12:32:10

I'm planning on expressing (just so dh can have feeding time with little one). Can anyone advise when is the best time to do it. I know it's in the morning but how often is good to maintain a good supply?

At the moment i only seem to produce less than 1 oz which seems rubbish - i've done it on an evening and on a morning - so need to know how to build this up.

Also, after expressing - which breast should i put baby on on next feed?

Frizbe Tue 16-Aug-05 12:39:48

Crikey I'm trying to remember....used to express after every feed, but I did better 1st thing am and then in the evening! I started just producing 1oz out of each side, (dd used to feed both sides anyway) but this increased over time, until I could feed dd and get about 3oz out of just the one boob, it took a few months tho!

hercules Tue 16-Aug-05 13:30:08


loupylou Tue 16-Aug-05 19:55:53

Personally, i expressed when i was feeding, as other breast leaked anyway. In the morning is easier and makes you feel more comfortable. When i felt i'd emptied a breast i'd feed from other one, but if unsure just started baby on the one i'd expressed form as long as it wasn't hours before. Take it easy, try to relax and it will happen. You might find trying different pumps helpful. Contact your local NCT group as they will have pumps to hire and try until you find one that suits. I also used breast shells to catch the leaking milk whilst feeding, they save pumping but don't waste the milk.
Good Luck

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