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BF, Bravado bras and Ameda Lactaline

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Em32 Tue 16-Aug-05 12:06:30

This is my second time round, really hoping I find B/F easier this time... Does anyone recommend Bravado bras? My boobs seem to be much bigger this time than they were last time, I like the idea that these seem to have more of a size range so you can go up and down in size during the day and they'll still fit. Does that work in practice?

Also, had no luck with expressing with a hand pump last time. I've heard the Ameda Lactaline is good but it seems expensive. Thoughts anyone? Thanks

gingerbear Tue 16-Aug-05 12:13:25

I had bravado bras when BF, they were comfy but not as supportive as M&S one. Fiddly to undo the press stud fastenings too.
some discussions about bravado bras here

pesha Tue 16-Aug-05 13:26:24

I found bravado bras great, really comfortable and do allow for changing boob sizes which probably why they're not quite so supportive but were fine for me and i found the poppers much less fiddly than the hooks and things on some of my other bras, i had 1 that i think had velcro or something for drop cups but it really irritated me, it was awful. Wouldnt have been without my bravado bras!

And sorry know nothing about pump you mentioned i never had much luck getting anything out my boobs myself, they didnt even really leak, babies still did ok though! so i gave up and used formula if i couldnt bf for some reason

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