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Baby can't tell when he's full?!

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burdski Mon 15-Aug-05 17:47:17

My 4 week old is a very hungry baby and is gaining weight very happily (from 8lb 8oz to 10lb 8oz in 4 weeks) but lately he does not seem to realise when he is full.

For example, last night my husband gave him a bottle of expressed milk (over 4oz) but then he still wanted more so I fed him myself (as I have been told that feeding on demand is the best approach). After this I realised I had never seen his little tummy so full! In fact it was quite scary and I don't think he was comfortable at all Problem was he was still rooting for more and started a long bout of crying when I wouldn't feed him any more.

My mum reckons that he is just wanting to suck for comfort, but how can I comfort him without over-feeding him? I have tried just leaving him to cry for a bit but this resulted in me getting about 2 hours sleep in 10-20 minute bursts during the whole of last night

One of my husband's friends suggested using a dummy. I am not strongly anti-dummies, but I am scared that he might get nipple confusion and I don't want to go back to painful breastfeeding! Are there any dummies that are designed to be compatible with breastfeeding?

I would be really grateful for any suggestions!

mears Mon 15-Aug-05 17:51:07

I would always let a 4 week old baby go back on the breast if that is what they are looking for. You cannot judge if they have had enough by looking at their stomach - it might be full of wind

The breast is for comfort as well as food - let him do what he wants.

mumtosomeone Mon 15-Aug-05 18:47:42

if he is looking for food give him it! Dont normally over feed!

moondog Mon 15-Aug-05 18:50:13

Yes,breastfed babies can't overfeed. The mother and baby will work together in perfect harmony. That's what is so magic about it!
{You sound like you're doing a brilliant job btw.)

mumtosomeone Mon 15-Aug-05 18:52:00

they settle eventually..honest!!!

fqueenzebra Mon 15-Aug-05 19:00:32

Your mum is partly right about sometimes wanting to suck for comfort -- but what's wrong with that? Why shouldn't babies like to be comforted? Why shouldn't you comfort your baby in whatever way works??

The thing is, tiny babies think the solution to every ill is to breastfeed, it's all they know how to do. So, it's worth trying other things -- if he's uncomfortable from feeding a lot then he might need a burp, or a nappy change, or he might just want to lie on his tummy with his nappy off... at first it seems like it takes ages to try everything, and it's agonising trying to figure out what they might want. So when you think he "must" be full, write a list and work thru it of things that might be bothering him instead of hunger. It should only take ten minutes to work thru the list, if nothing else works and he seems happiest to brastfeed then I'd assume that only breast will do.

They have incredibly fast growth rates at this age, it is very possible that he's just hungry.

moondog Mon 15-Aug-05 19:02:50

When the constant sucking gets too much (and you've obviously got it sussed)just bundle the babe into the pram or sling and walk!

Tessiebear Mon 15-Aug-05 19:10:19

My baby is also 4 weeks old and feeds constantly!!! Their tummys do look huge at this stage - but that is normal. When he is no longer hungry he will just go to sleep.
If my DS is having trouble settling at night - i bring him into bed with me and just let him feed until we both fall asleep
Btw for sore sore nipples try Lansinoh cream - it is magic - i have gone from AGONY to pain free feeding in a few days!!

merglemergle Mon 15-Aug-05 19:36:59

hi burdski. my dd is 6 weeks tommorrow and also feeds a lot. in particular she feeds in bursts, eg all evening, then 2 hours of no feeding.

thinking about it, i quite often have a huge lunch, say, then little dinner. i think this is her equivalent.

however, ds at this age did feed constantly and that was partly because i was not winding him properly. could this be it? its a bit of an art with some babies!

Tessiebear Tue 16-Aug-05 10:11:30

Agree about the wind thing

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