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Apparently the "technical term" is not breastfeeding nazi/mafia, but BREASTAPO

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emkana Tue 09-Aug-05 19:23:17

...according to ridiculous, stupid article in Daily Mail today.

(Thought twice about posting this as I already posted a quote from the Mail on Sunday yesterday.
I do not buy that paper, just saw it at my in-laws on Sunday and in the library today. Phew!)

Nightynight Tue 09-Aug-05 19:29:34

blimey - you'd think breastfeeding was bad! some DM journalist needs to get a life, I suspect.

mind you, it still riles me one time I read in either the Times or the Telegraph some man poo pooing violence against women - 1 in 4 women a victim of violence is just made up by feminists apparently...

Twiglett Tue 09-Aug-05 19:39:30

ha ha ha .. that's quite clever akshually

morningpaper Tue 09-Aug-05 19:42:08

I like "lactivist"

hunkermunker Tue 09-Aug-05 19:42:27

LOL! Can't wait to have that one slung at me for daring to suggest that women should have support to breastfeed if they want to!

Marina Wed 10-Aug-05 15:34:12

Very droll.
I've just been trying to track down an online source for the nasty little story in yesterday's Evening Standard. A b/f mum who was midway through a guided tour with her other children, and therefore plugged her little dd in while in one of the public rooms, was asked to go to the Mother and Baby Room in no uncertain terms by a warder.
Did anyone else see this? It doesn't appear to be on the BBC site.

starlover Wed 10-Aug-05 15:36:29

haha actually i like that.

bundle Wed 10-Aug-05 15:36:33

I read that too Marina, nice picture of the mum/child (who looked older than 6 mths to me) - slant iirc was to remove bf mum to protect the public (ie whether they requested it or not)

Marina Wed 10-Aug-05 15:39:53

That's right, no-one from the public present objected in the slightest! I'd have said she was about ten months from the cute snap of them both.

Gggrrrr at Historic Royal Palaces, was hoping to e-mail them crossly but would prefer to enclose a link to an actual story.

starlover Wed 10-Aug-05 15:44:24

pmsl to "protect" the public from what?????

in case baby came off and they got squirted with breast milk? or in case someone suffers from a terrible boob allergy?

hunkermunker Wed 10-Aug-05 15:46:28

Where was this, Marina?

hercules Wed 10-Aug-05 15:53:00

hunkermunker - it's my right how I feed my child and none of your business. How dare you say I'm a crap mum just because I bottlefed.

Bloody breastapo!

Marina Wed 10-Aug-05 15:55:17

Hampton Court Palace, hunker. Perhaps the Warder was concerned at dioxin and pthalate levels in the milk

bundle Wed 10-Aug-05 15:58:08

hunker, it was to protect the public wrt seeing naked skin, I think, as men with naked chests were mentioned, in the interests of ruling out sex discrimination probably!!!

tarantula Wed 10-Aug-05 16:02:11

here you go

alicatsg Wed 10-Aug-05 16:04:20

sounds like a brest pump to me "Revolutionise your lactation with all-new Breastapo!"....

Marina Wed 10-Aug-05 16:04:23

Well done Surrey Comet and Tarantula for finding the link. Thanks!

hercules Wed 10-Aug-05 16:04:43

That is pathetic. Nationalities being offended by breastfeeding?!?

What a pile of bollocks!

Marina Wed 10-Aug-05 16:06:59

Here's their e-mail address.

Woo-hoo! I am CROSS about this.

Caligula Wed 10-Aug-05 16:11:32

OK as a stormtrooper of the Breastapo, I can feel a V2 complaining e-mail coming on...

Marina Wed 10-Aug-05 16:12:20

I am training my long-term b/f bazookas on them even now...

bundle Wed 10-Aug-05 16:17:42

ping. off goes email (with added squirt of top quality breastmilk for good measure)

handlemecarefully Wed 10-Aug-05 16:23:33

marina - that was reported in the Independent today.

Sad isn't it!

handlemecarefully Wed 10-Aug-05 16:24:36

Just seen email link. Most excellent - will do.

monkeytrousers Wed 10-Aug-05 16:36:17

Me too!

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