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any quick breastfeeding help around please?

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JiminyCricket Tue 09-Aug-05 12:16:25

Hi, just trying to get my positioning right again with new baby. She's fed well since she was born on Fri, but i got a bit sore at first. its better now and she's opening her mouth a bit more to latch on - here are my probs
1. nipples ending up with a very flat underside - seem to remember this is a positioning problem and latch still a bit painful
2. suddenly this morning she won't feed from one breast - keeps trying to latch on, then coming off again and getting distressed, a bit like she's not getting any let down?
btw am waitin for a call back from nct but would appreciate any ideas... cheers x

spidermama Tue 09-Aug-05 12:29:36

If she seems to be in pain pulling off then she could have thrush. Look for a white coating which doesn't come off between feeds. If it's thrush get it sorted straight away before it gets worse.

As for the latch, line up your nipple with her nose, wait 'til she opens up nice and wide then bring her on. The aim is to get the nipple bit up at the back of your mouth (soft palate) so she has the whole areola in her mouth.

If you need to know more about thrush, or to contact a bf counsellor, \link{ women were my saviours} .

Good luck.

spidermama Tue 09-Aug-05 12:30:37

I meant that these women were my saviours .

stacijc Tue 09-Aug-05 12:31:20

u could try expressing a little by hand immediatly b4 u "attach" her? it could be that its not coming fast enough for her

JiminyCricket Tue 09-Aug-05 14:43:47

Just expressed a bit from that boob and then fed successfully from it, so think you are prob right. Cheers

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