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What is this?

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Flossam Tue 09-Aug-05 11:02:56

Is it an infected milk duct? I've recently (one week) given up BF. On my areola I have a white headed painful spot. I have squeezed it (i know I know, sorry) and what looked like milk came out. It hasn't gone down at all. What is it? Does anybody know?

Flossam Tue 09-Aug-05 11:29:54

Excuse the bump.

Tessiebear Tue 09-Aug-05 11:55:00

Doesnt sound like an infected milk duct - that is like a jagged red line on your actual breast. Check it out with GP??

Flossam Tue 09-Aug-05 11:59:05

Thanks TB. Perhaps it is just a white head . I'll give it host for a few more days and if not thinking of leaving I'll take it to see the GP.

Miaou Tue 09-Aug-05 12:04:10

Could it be a milk blister? Hunker put a link on my ow ow oww thread the other day to a site with a picture ... hold on and I'll post a link...

Miaou Tue 09-Aug-05 12:11:02

here it is - some useful information and some piccies - you may find something that helps on there.

Flossam Tue 09-Aug-05 12:55:21

Thanks Miaou, it does look a lot like that, yes. Will try a hot compress and see if it goes down. Thanks very much for that.

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