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How many milk feeds for 11 month old

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janx Mon 08-Aug-05 20:27:26

I am going back to work in a month - I currently bf dd in the morning and afternoon and then she has a bottle of formula at bed time. I am wondering if she needs a milk feed in afternoon or should I replace it with water? I plan to carry on bf in the morning when I go back to work, but obviously have to cut out the bf in the afternoon... how much milk do babes need at this stage - anyone?

hermykne Mon 08-Aug-05 21:01:12

i was bf ds only 2 feeds at 8/9mths, morn and even. he is still breastfeed now at 1, just morn and even, one breast only and ever so quick!
he has the odd yogurt and cheese, not every day,
but broccoli is good for calcuim, if you are worried about its intake for her

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