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Question about mix feeding!

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mummy23 Mon 08-Aug-05 13:20:23

My DS2 is 14 weeks old now and i wanted to start introducing fomula but i have tried him with the little cartons of fomula (ready made) twice, and he has puked it all back up a little while after, so i dont know what to do in order for him to be able to keep it down for longer than 10 minutes.
I tried cow and gate 1st time, and he was sick, so i tried him with SMA Gold and he was sick!

He has been exclusively bf for the 14 weeks but as i want to start him on solids at 16/17 weeks i want to introduce fomula before then and mix feed him!

Has anyone got any advice on how to help my DS2 keep the fomula down?

I thought i would ask on here 1st before going to my HV on Friday, thats the only day i'm able to see the HV!



RachD Mon 08-Aug-05 13:29:46

Sorry, mummy, not able to help you on this one.
Sure lots of other mumsnetters will post soon.
But I do have a question.
Why is it that you want to introduce formula?
Does it assist the introduction of solids ?

Tessiebear Mon 08-Aug-05 13:29:58

Is it that you want to introduce a bottle???
Could you express your milk and give it to him in a bottle???

Tessiebear Mon 08-Aug-05 13:33:10

Dont quite know why you want to introduce formula at this stage?? You can mix YOUR milk with the solids if thats what you are concerned about.
btw - am not anti mixed feeding i do it myself (SMA Gold) the formula is obviously not agreeing with him though
There is a formula called "OMNEO COMFORT" that my HV said is supposed to be the nearest thing to breast milk. She said it is available in supermarkets - havnt noticed it myself.

RachD Mon 08-Aug-05 13:36:13

I am quite comfortable with mixed feeding aswell.
Was just a bit intrigued at to why mummy would want to introduce formula, when bf going so well.
Like, Tessie says, I just assumed that people put breastmilk into recipes.
Had not heard of introducing formula at this stage.

Get back to us, mummy !!!

kid Mon 08-Aug-05 13:39:46

I might be wrong, but I think its because she wants to start going to the gym soon with her DP and was told its not advisable or you can't when BF.

I didn't breast feed mine and don't go to the gym anyway so don't know how true that is!

Tessiebear Mon 08-Aug-05 13:41:56

I actively try to avoid going to the gym myself!!!! Think i may breastfeed even longer!!!

mummy23 Mon 08-Aug-05 13:54:46

kid is is partly right, i do want to start going gym but not until i finish bf completely, i was only going to bf up til DS was 6 months but i did want to start solids at 4 months, and i wanted to be able to introduce fomula as well so that he was used to keeping it down!
Bf is going ok, there are times when DS is hungrier than other times and i have not been able to fill up to feed him so i have to offer water and he refuses that, so i have to keep offering him the breast until he finally manages to get something! But on Saturday he had been crying and crying, and was unable to get anything from the breast, so thats when i offered the 2nd fomula, and he was so satisfied with it, he feel asleep nearly straight away, but was woke up when he started choking on his vomit! (sorry if tmi)
I just want to know if anyone else has experienced this when introducing fomula, and if they did what did they do to get there DS/DD used to drinking fomula?

(in case you dont know kid is my sister and is suppose to be attending the gym with me and DP!)

kid Mon 08-Aug-05 13:56:30

I said I'd think about going to the gym!

I'll still be thinking about it in a year or so!

mummy23 Mon 08-Aug-05 14:18:10

no good thinking about it kid!

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