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ow ow ow .... blood blister

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Miaou Sun 07-Aug-05 23:08:45

please excuse codlike brevity - am breastfeeding atm
and its agony
am yelping and hyperventilaing when ds latches on
what can i do to help it heal

hunkermunker Sun 07-Aug-05 23:14:59

Oh no!

Is it like this?

Hugs - and grit your teeth - it will heal!

Miaou Sun 07-Aug-05 23:15:38

any ideas gratefully recieved

hunkermunker Sun 07-Aug-05 23:16:54

Also this page is useful

Miaou Sun 07-Aug-05 23:17:52

no hunker
it is red and raised and sometimes bleeds when feeding
ds burped blood yesterday - yuk

hunkermunker Sun 07-Aug-05 23:18:52

The second page I posted might be more help - it sounds as if your latch might need adjusting slightly. Can you try feeding him in a different position on that side?

hunkermunker Sun 07-Aug-05 23:19:42

This is another good link - moist wound healing

mears Sun 07-Aug-05 23:20:37

Sounds as though babe is sucking his way onto the nipple, or you have been taking him off mid suck. Make sure his mouth is really wide when latching him - rugby ball hold is good to be able to time bringing him onto the breast. If you have to take him off, make sure you break suction with your pinky first. If you gethim on well, pain should ease by the time you count to 10. HTH.

oops Sun 07-Aug-05 23:21:56

Message withdrawn

Miaou Sun 07-Aug-05 23:22:49

last link very useful thanks
think i should put lansinoh on it

oops Sun 07-Aug-05 23:24:48

Message withdrawn

hunkermunker Sun 07-Aug-05 23:25:29

Yes, put Lansinoh on it. And IME, wipe it off before you feed or it can make his little mouth slide around too much for careful positioning - ouch!

Miaou Sun 07-Aug-05 23:25:29

thanks oops and mears
not tried rugby hold
legs out behind?

hunkermunker Sun 07-Aug-05 23:26:55

Good page here with links to positions for breastfeeding

Miaou Sun 07-Aug-05 23:32:00

just reading it now
thanks hunker

oops Sun 07-Aug-05 23:32:28

Message withdrawn

Miaou Sun 07-Aug-05 23:37:37

don't worry oops no way am i giving up
love bfing once established
how are you btw
still hanging in there

oops Sun 07-Aug-05 23:47:16

Message withdrawn

Miaou Mon 08-Aug-05 10:57:27

Apart from the nipple assault he is doing fine - he is sitting on dd2's knee having hiccups atm!

oops you sound like you are having a similar experience to mine - the only comfort (to me) was knowing that once I did go into labour it wouldn't be over-long because my cervix had had so much practice! Hang on in there

I tried the rugby ball and lansinoh approach last night - it really helped and I'm not quite so sore this morning. Thanks for the advice all.

Hausfrau Mon 08-Aug-05 11:04:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

spidermama Mon 08-Aug-05 11:09:36

Lansinoh cream for moist wounds. It's very effective, very gentle, and you don't need to wash it off before feeding.

You could alter the latch to give the sore bit a break. Latch her underarm propped up with cushions. Or you could express from the sore side. If it's agony how about a breast sheild (only recommended for short term usde as it can interfere with the supply). They're made of thin latex and you get them in big branches of Boots. (Made by Avent)

Also, Nurofen. Keep it topped up.

Ouch! Oooh. Brings back memories Miaou. Hang in there.

Hausfrau Mon 08-Aug-05 14:32:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hausfrau Mon 08-Aug-05 14:33:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Miaou Mon 08-Aug-05 18:27:09

Thanks for all the advice peeps. Blister is a lot better today - the midwife had a look at it and agreed I was doing all the right things. Feeding is slightly less painful than it was, especially when I get a long break between feeds!

oops Mon 08-Aug-05 19:53:41

Message withdrawn

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